I Play One on TV


Do you remember that old commercial with the line in it, “I’m not a doctor in real life, but I play one on TV”? Well, I am not a type designer in real life…but if I could, I would play one…anywhere! I am a font designer, but not a type designer. Is there a difference? To me there is, but I’m not really sure there technically is a difference between the two. To me, a font designer makes fonts and a Typographer spends YEARS studying type, letter forms, and how to make them (artistically and technically). A Typographer can literally spend years making a font and because of this, the fonts are perfect in design, form, technique, and technical information. Also because of the amount of time spent, these fonts are usually very expensive (my favorites to drool over are at Veer).

I LOVE looking at type and Typographers’ fonts. I compare and study the letters, the swooshes, the serifs, etc. it is even more fun for me when the fonts contain ligatures…(I’m showing my geekiness huh? haha!) So, for today’s “check it out” I thought I would share some of my favorite Typography sites with you. (As I re-read all the technical type jargon I just typed, I wonder if maybe a post on basic type terms might be good? Let me know.)

So, lets get started!

welovetypographyOur first stop is at my all time favorite type site I LOVE TYPOGRAPHY I have found some amazing discoveries on this site, including this one that I was actually able to track down and buy! One of their sister sites that launched not too long ago, is really fun! On WE LOVE TYPE You can search through Type related images and even sort them by color!

Check out this really cool photo of type in sculpture form on Upscale Type:


And what about a blog dedicated totally to the beautiful and varied form of the ampersand?


Maybe you are someone (just like me) that can suffer from Typochondria (fear of using the wrong font). Well, you can read about it and learn about solutions here.

I am always inspired by the old, rustic images of type on this French blog with a very catchy name!

Misty Cato does a Typeface Tuesday on her blog where she finds a few GREAT fonts, shows us a sample, and links us up! 🙂


Typographica is a site most graphic designers depend on to find some of the best type and type resources out there.

I LOVE type posters! What are they? Posters with amazing type of course! Check out this one:


Huge Type is a site where people can take photos with an iPhone (although there are alternate instructions for those without an iPhone) of….you guessed it…HUGE TYPE and upload them to the site to share.


Speaking of iPhones, Typenuts is a site where you can download free type related wallpaper for you iphone (or desktop). I received a new iPhone for Mother’s Day and was really excited to play with What The Font, an app where you can take a photo of type with your iPhone camera and in one click it will tell you what font was used! I loved the idea, but wondered if it would work for ME…it did! YAY! 🙂

Last, but certainly not least in my book, is this great Flickr group called Type Sketchbook where real Typographers (not just people that “play one on TV”) upload images from their type sketchbooks!



Inspired By Paper


I am not a paper scrapper.  For many years, as I clutched tightly to my wavy scissors and colored papers, I thought I was.  If anyone asked if I was a scrapper I would enthusiastically say, “Yes! I love scrapping!”  My average of about two pages a year did not diminish my enthusiasm and my firm belief that I was, in fact, a scrapper.

However, once I discovered digital scrapbooking I immediately learned two things:

1. I was not a paper scrapper

2. I never would be

For me, little kids just don’t mix with scissors, glue, paint, printed photos, and a big mess.  Little kids ARE a big mess in and of themselves.  I had no desire to create more of a mess with little bits of paper and cutting utensils.  Digital scrapbooking = no mess = perfect for me.

However, I still LOVE the look of paper.  I am truly amazed at the talent of the paper scrapping community.  They have a skill, talent, and a level of decisiveness and patience that I will never have.  It truly astounds me to see the art they create.  I have done a small amount of hybrid scrapping but my heart isn’t in it.  And that’s okay.

Just because I don’t paper scrap doesn’t mean that I can’t be inspired by it.  In fact, some of my scrapping idols are paper and/or hybrid scrappers. They have a way of creating these beautiful works of art that I can just stare at for hours.  I am inspired by them on a regular basis. And you can be, too!  Take time to look at great galleries such as the ones at 2peas and at SIStv.  You will find all sorts of amazing layouts and projects.  And you can take what you see (and love) in paper, and do it in digital.  Here are just a few of the amazing layouts I found (all images are linked):

bikeI love the wavy paper with the photo.  Gives a fun feeling of movement and playfulness.

caughtThe colored photos along with the big yellow title just pop against the white paper.

oneswellsummerI love the centered feel to this with the large title than spans across the page

pandlThis layout is just so fun with the bright colors and bits of paper, all on top of kraft paper.

itiscoolThe fun, multi-colored square bits of paper add playfulness and a fresh look to this layout

montueI adore the large days of the week on this layout and see lots of different ways to incorporate them onto a digital page


I love the simpleness of this layout with its three colors — white, black, and red.  The lack of a visible photo (is is underneath) adds interest to the page and makes you wonder what it is all about.

brainNot every layout has to have a photo.  This great page records a funny conversation between parent and child.  Love it.

toomanyI can only image the fun she had creating this layout.  Paint, buttons, and tons of photos all reinforce her theme of “too many.” Time to break out my digital paint!


The black and white photos paired with the fun and playful design of the paper and elements make this page just jump out at you.  I’m glad it is so easy to change photos to black and white when you do digi!

And here is a page I did with Jen Jockisch’s  TOO MANY page as my inspiration!



Go on!  Give it a try!  Find a paper page you love and see how you can recreate it digitally!  You’ll love the experience! I did!


SPONSOR SPOTLIGHT — Studio Baers Garten

Spot Lit Wall

THE DAILY DIGI is excited to have Studio Baers Garten with us here this month.  Iara, the designer behind the brand, is known for her pretty color palettes, fun and cute elements, and awesome put-it-together-yourself collections.  Iara and I worked together at Scrapbook Graphics and she is as sweet as her designs.  We can’t wait for you to get to know her a bit better.  Before we do, let’s look at what she created for THE DIGI FILES 4.  It’s such a fun and sweet mini-kit!





Isn’t it so cute?? I love the mix of blues and orange and all the acrylic elements are just so fun!  Here is a page I made with it


You can grab this kit as well as designs from Creashens at Catscrap, Kristin Cronin-Barrow at Sweet Shoppe Designs, Kaye Winiecki at The Lilypad, The Digi Dare team from The Digi Dares, Janet Phillips at THE DAILY DIGI , and SCRAP ORCHARD (our monthly store sponsor)..all for just $5.00.  What a great way to try new-to-you designers without spending a lot of money!  In addition, you can be happy that you are helping to support THE DAILY DIGI and its desire to bring you the best information and inspiration…every day.

alittleabout-copy2My name is Iara Gomes-Baer, I am Brazilian and live in Germany with my husband and my three kids, Maisa (Jul 05), Theo (Feb 07) and Anna Carolina (Aug 08). My mother language is Portuguese, my second language is German and I am a very bad speller in English! I am former scientist – I have a PHD in Biomedical Sciences – but am now actually staying at home with my kids and loving it!

STORE: Studio Baers Garten @ Scrapbookgraphics

BLOG: It’s All About…

NEWSLETTER SIGN UP: Every time I release a new product I have a newsletter only offer — either a very deep price, a free gift with purchase offer, or a newsletter subscribers only freebie.  You can sign up HERE.


Back to 2003 I decided to create a web page to share pictures with my friends and relatives in Brazil and found very cute mouse made graphics to decorate it. I fell in love with all the creatures and decided to try my hand at designing. I opened my mouse-made graphics store “Baers Garten Graphics” early 2004 and created a line of characters that I dressed for all of the seasons and occasions in the websites I created. I found digital scrapbooking in early 2005 when I was pregnant with my oldest daughter and since the very beginning I started designing papers/elements to use in my layouts and also incorporating digital elements to my paper layouts.


I decided to put a complete kit together for a designer call from Sweet Shoppe Designs in May 2007. I was not picked but I believed my kit was good and decided to show it to a designer I was CTM, Amanda Rockwell. She liked the kit and showed it to Joedee, the former owner of Elemental Scraps, who invited my to sell my designs there. I was at ES until November 2007, when I moved to Scrapbook Graphics. I love SBG and the studio girls and can not imagine moving to any other store! It is my home on the web!


I am both. I am a very passionate paper, digi and hybrid scrapper. My greatest love are mini albums. I always scrap and design quick pages with my kits before I upload them to the store, I love to see the pages I created with my own products.

*Note from Janet:  You should really check out her hybrid blog…so many REALLY cool projects like this one:



I’d say a way to much time LOL I spend every free minute I get designing or scrapping. I have a very supportive husband who takes care of the kids when he arrives home and very sweet kids, my oldest daughter, who is 3 yo, loves scrapping with me.


I’d say my most fav is the Modern baby Collection (I specially love the mix of kraft and the bright colors – did I mention that I do not like pastels? LOL!)


And recently the Spring Song Collection, specially the Walking on Sunshine elements pack



My best sellers are the Last Christmas Kit and  Here Comes the Sun kit




1.  to be at home with my kids and husband
2.  when my kids say I love you
3.  when my mother is here with us (she lives 10,000 km away in Brazil)
4.  chocolate
5.  drinking coca-cola and cold water (not together LOL)
6.  wearing jeans all the time
7.  a clean home
8.  scrapbooking and stationary shops
9.  getting a manicure
10. scrap and print layouts


1.  the telephone (I know it sounds weird, but I hate the telephone LOL)
2.  when the kids make the house dirty right after I cleaned it
3.  fingerprints on the windows
4.  when my husband does not finish something he started (and I have to finish it)
5.  when my kids cry for nothing
6.  being late
7.  sleep deprivation (did I mention that my 9 month old daughter still do not sleep through the night?:(
8.  when I start baking and find out one ingredient is missing
9.  how my body changed after having 3 kids in 3 years.
10. lack of “me” time


Now that we have learned a little about Iara, let’s see some more of her designs!  I love the way that she gives her customers so many choices: You can buy an entire collection together or you can buy just the pieces that you want.  She sells patterned papers, solid papers, elements, quick pages, and more all in separate pieces.  I LOVE that.  I am solid paper lover so someone that lets me buy a gorgeous palette all by itself wins my vote!

As you look at these, remember, almost all of them are part of a larger collection. Grab the pieces you love! (all images are clickable)










And now some layouts with her beautiful designs! (all images are linked for full credits)








Thank you so much, Iara, for being with us here at THE DAILY DIGI.  Your designs are fun, fresh and oh-so-cute!

As a thank you to THE DAILY DIGI readers, Iara has a special coupon for us!




We are so excited to welcome some new members to our team here at The
Daily Digi. These ladies are all amazing scrappers and have already been
hard at work behind the scenes creating layouts and preparing tips and
tricks for the Playbook. We look forward to sharing their inspiration
with you in the
coming weeks. We hope you enjoy getting to know a little more about each
team member, new and old, through their bios, linked below. Welcome to
the team ladies!





















Meet Steph

stephBIO: I started scrapbooking on my computer in 2003, but didn’t discover digital scrapbooking communities and all they have to offer until 2004, after reading a special issue of Memory Makers Magazine. I truly love this hobby and have found so much joy in preserving my family’s memories digitally. I have been honored to serve on creative teams for Michelle Coleman, Nancie Rowe Janitz, ScrapArtist, Hollie McCaig, Gina Cabrera of Digital Design Essentials, Dani Mogstad, Janet Phillips, and Shabby Princess. I have also had layouts and hybrid projects published by Simple Scrapbooks and Digital Scrapbooking Magazines. In 2007, I started my own font business called Fontologie.


  1. Stitching (I put some on almost every layout)
  2. Plaid paper
  3. Stamped looking fonts
  4. Totally Rad Actions (for photo editing)
  5. Templates

MY STYLE: Simple with a paper look

MY SCRAPPING IDOL(S): Would definitely be Janet Phillips (for real) and I find Stephanie’s projects completely inspiring

WHY I AM EXCITED TO BE ON THE TEAM: I am passionate about digital scrapbooking and I love sharing what I know (especially with people that love it like I do)! I am equally passionate about helping scrappers spend less time on the computer and more time MAKING memories with the people they LOVE!



Meet Rachael G.

rachaelBIO: My name is Rachael Giallongo! I have been married to Scott since Leap Year Day 1996! Between us, we have 5 children- Nicole is 19, Victoria is 16, Megan is 14, Dane is 11 and Dylan is 10. My family is definitely my #1 source of scrapping inspiration. I like to joke that I am able to use any supplies on the market thanks to having such a large family and celebrating all major holidays! My husband is a chef and I am thrilled to announce that I just graduated Summa Cum Laude with my degree in Graphic Design.

I started paper scrapping in 1998. I have had the honor of having my work appear in: Creating Keepsakes, Memory Makers, Scrapbook Trends, Simple Scrapbooks, Scrap & Stamp Arts and several other publications. I have also authored several articles and co-wrote “The Office Book “ with Melissa Reynolds published by Pine Cone Press for their Not Your Ordinary Book Club. I created my first digital scrapbook page in July 2005 and haven’t looked back since!


1. Kate Hadfield’s Doodles
2. Items used to attach things (Stitching, Staples, Buttons, Brads)
3. Flowers
4. Alphabets by Jacque Larsen & Kate Hadfield
5. Kim Giarusso’s Beaded Letter Alpha

MY STYLE: I would call my style “classic”. I like clean lines and like to keep the focus on the photos.

MY SCRAPPING IDOL(S): Jacque Larsen. I have been stalking Jacque since 2005! She is an amazing photographer (with beautiful children) and has a great eye for design! I am truly captivated by her work!

WHY I AM EXCITED TO BE ON THE TEAM:I am excited to be on the team because I admire the vision of The Daily Digi! I am excited to be able to not only share and (hopefully) inspire but also learn from the other amazing team members and those that visit and contribute to The Daily Digi!



Meet Katie

katieBIO: Katie Nelson aka “Katie the Scrapbook Lady”

I became a scrapbooker when I was only 14 years old and got my hands on a jar of rubber cement and a large construction paper scrapbook album. Later on I began using archival supplies and I was a die-hard paper scrapper for more than 20 years. I created thousands of scrapbook pages for my friends and family to enjoy. In 2005, my Mom showed me an issue of a Simple Scrapbooks special digital scrapbooking issue and knew I had found my “true love.” I haven’t created a paper layout since!

My passions include; digital scrapbooking, photography, writing, reading, organizing, and Legos. I’ve been a team member and a contributing writer here at The Daily Digi since 2009. I’m Steph’s co-hostess on The Digi Show podcast. I’ve been blogging at scrapbookladypages.com since 2005. I pretty much eat, sleep, and breathe scrapbooking!


1. Layered templates – I didn’t even start using layered templates until 2008, but now I can’t scrap without them. They save so much time! Nowadays, I design templates and sell them in my blog shop.
2. I really love solid papers and I wish designers would always include them in their kits. I also love softly blended papers that are almost solid in color.
3. Subtle patterned papers are also important for me. It’s fun to have bold prints with lots of color, but they can be very overpowering. I prefer prints that don’t compete for attention.
4. Flowers are probably my favorite embellishment. I think they look good on almost every layout.
5. Fonts – I love them! I really like fonts that look like handwriting or big and bold fonts that are great for title work.

MY STYLE: This is always a hard question for me to answer because I am comfortable using many different styles. One of the things I love most about digital scrapbooking is that it is so easy to try new techniques. A computer is a powerful tool and I love that I can blend, shadow, and layer to my heart’s content, or simply place a photo on a canvas and add some journaling. Either way, I end up with a wonderful finished product that I can share with my family. I guess my style leans more toward clean and classic, but I’m not afraid to try new things.

MY SCRAPPING IDOL(S): While there are so many talented scrapbookers out there, I would have to name Ali Edwards as my ultimate scrapping idol. She seems to find new ways to keep her layouts fresh and innovative, while keeping the focus on the photos and the stories behind them. Ali is someone who is always growing and evolving in her scrapping and that is important to me. I feel a bit of a connection with her as well since she has a son with autism. My own son was diagnosed when he was 3 years old (1996) and I really appreciate Ali’s willingness to share part of the journey that her family has gone through.

WHY I AM EXCITED TO BE ON THE TEAM: Ever since Daily Digi began, I felt like I wanted to be a part of it. I believe so much in the vision behind the site and the mission of making digital scrapbooking accessible and do-able for anyone. I love the positive nature of the posts and the fun sharing of ideas and resources. Even though I consider myself a seasoned digital scrapbooker, I have learned many new things from visiting the Daily Digi. I’m excited to be able to contribute and share my love of scrapbooking and creativity with others. I can tell already that this will be an amazing experience!



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Meet Karen

karenBIO: Above all else, I’m mother to Sam (7 years old) and Max (3 years old) and wife of 13 years to my high school sweetheart, Rob. I’m passionate about preserving memories for my children. I have never paper scrapped, but have always enjoyed writing and photography. My sister-in-law introduced me to digiscrapping in 2006, and I quickly discovered a creative outlet that helps me to capture my children’s stories. Both of my boys joined our family through the miracle of adoption, and I feel strongly about providing them with as many memories of their childhood years as I can.

5 PRODUCTS I CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT: Stitches, Shape templates, Fonts, Alphas, Buttons

MY STYLE: I suppose I would describe my style as a bit eclectic, mainly because I feel like I am always learning and like to try new techniques or styles that catch my eye in the galleries. Other than that, I think I tend to lean toward a simple style that emulates paper scrapping.

MY SCRAPPING IDOL(S): I have admired Melissa Lewis’ work since the day I began to scrap. I’m fortunate to know her, and she helped to encourage me as I was learning digiscrapping. I love her fresh, clean, playful style and the fact that she does such an amazing job of capturing the everyday moments of her family’s life.

WHY I AM EXCITED TO BE ON THE TEAM: I’m excited to be a part of The Daily Digi creative team for many reasons, but the biggest is to be part of a group that wants to help people tell their stories. Whether you’re just learning to scrap, or if you’ve been doing it for a long time, The Daily Digi has quickly found a way to provide regular inspiration to the digiscrapping community. I’m thrilled to be able to play some small role in that going forward.


Meet Janet

janet1BIO: I’m a 30-something mama to four kids who loves to scrap and take photos. After pretending to be a paper scrapper for quite a few years I found digital and haven’t looked back. I’ve created probably over 800 pages in four years. You can read more about me HERE.

5 PRODUCTS I CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT: Stitching (currently on a Syrin stitching kick), Good solid papers, Shabby Princess’s staples, Paint Strokes by Michelle Coleman, and templates (usually my own).

MY STYLE: Perfectly Imperfect. I like clean lines, minimal elements, lots of journaling…all with a bit of “wear and tear.”

MY SCRAPPING IDOL(S): Oh I have many! Although I could never scrap like her, my biggest idol is CD Muckosky. Her pages just suck me in. I also LOVE all of Lynette’s pages.

WHY I AM EXCITED TO BE ON THE TEAM: I’m just excited to not be the ONLY one on the team anymore…LOL! These fabulous ladies are all so talented and I am so excited to see what they come up with!

MY FAVORITE LAYOUT: Usually my latest LO’s are my favorite, but this one has stood the test of time. I created it over two years ago!