On My Way to 100


A few weeks ago I got a newsletter from We Are Storytellers. In it, Emily Powers talks about how her sister Angela created a list of 100 things they wanted to do this summer.  Not only will this process inspire new and fun activities, but it will also help in beating the “what should we do today?” problem.  I was immediately inspired and started my list.  I want to do a lot of things this summer — a lot of them just for fun and some because they need to get done.  I am thinking of writing these all out on pieces of paper and when we have time on our hands grabbing one and going for it!

I don’t have 100 things yet…I am keeping a list on my computer and as I think of new things to do, things that I need to do, or just ideas that sound fun, I write them down (and add a link if applicable).  I tried to pick specific things that could actually be done without much preparation.  Generic things like, “eat healthy” are better left for a different list.  My hope is that we’ll have a great (and productive!) summer.  Here is my list so far:

100 things I want to do this summer

make colorburst cupcakes
have a breakfast picnic
go to the zoo
build a sand castle
get a good family photo
get photos framed and arranged
scan in kids artwork
make millionaire’s shortbread again
go to the coffee shop on Dago again
have a donut date with the kids
have a make your own pizza night
host a 4th of july party
build soccer goals
paint the club house
buy a sewing machine
make some dresses for Katelynn
get up early and take pictures around town
have the kids make family picture canvases
make ice brewed coffee
buy a new lens
make goodbye gifts
make welcome gifts
buy craft supplies from downtown
take a spontaneous trip
buy a dog
reinstate tea time
teach Caleb to ride a bike
clean up my hard drive
go shopping for me and not buy anything for the kids
have a cooking party
have a mexican pot luck
build a balance beam for the kids
read my camera manual again
get my layouts printed
read a book I was supposed to read in high school, but didn’t
find a good pedicure place
plant a garden
make birthday cards for the year — and get them addressed and ready to send
do some “quizzes” with the kids to cement this moment in time
scrap older photos
write out the “big” stories — birth of babies, how Jason and I met
get an internet phone
muffin tin monday
organize important papers
make fresh salsa
try the silhouette photo I have been wanting to do
video the jammie song
get a work bench for Jason
camp out in the new yard
fly a kite
try a new restaurant
work on allowance/chore plan for kids
write notes to people to tell them that I appreciate them
make homemade donuts
go away overnight with Jason
work on special work projects
buy a full length mirror
start yoga
make yogurt
get a new mighty mouse
take a trip to KL
have a Christmas in July party
back up my itunes library
back up my hard drives


So, what’s on your list?


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