Just One More Week

It’s almost the end of May and that means that you have just one more week to pick up this months THE DIGI FILES. This collection is packed full of some amazing products…kind of hard to believe you can get it all for just $5.00!

A number of people have asked about the proceeds of THE DIGI FILES. “Where does it go?” they ask.

Well, here’s the answer! THE DIGI FILES are the only source of income for the site. We don’t accept paid advertising and as you can see, we don’t have blinkies and banners taking away from the content of the site. We want your viewing and reading experience to be good — and that means looking at something pretty! Because of the fact that we don’t have paid advertising spots, we have to have an alternate source of income.

Running a website costs money. There are hosting fees, advertising fees, overhead office expenses, software expenses, money that goes towards technological changes/advances for the site, money to pay our staff for their time, and bandwidth fees. Did you know that every time someone views our site — or any site for that matter — it uses up bandwidth, which costs money?

When I first planned on starting this site I tried very hard to think of a means of revenue for the site (because I couldn’t pay for it all out of my own pocket). I wanted the site to be different. I wanted to have it content driven and to only feature products and designers we truly believed in. This was not an easy task! And then one day it came to me — THE DIGI FILES. It would be a mutually beneficial relationship. THE DIGI FILES would bring in the needed income for the site, it would expose readers to new-to-them designers, would offer them fantastic deals on tons of products, and it would allow us to show off designers who are offering quality product and customer service. Everyone wins. You, the reader, get access to the site for free and we get to continue doing what we love.

So there’s your answer — THE DIGI FILES are the only way the site can run. Without the income they bring, the site would not be possible. Your purchase of THE DIGI FILES not only gives you some great deals but also allows US to bring YOU the best information and inspiration in the digi world…each and every day.


With that said, let’s take a look at this months products. We still have two more Sponsor Spotlights coming up, but we wanted to give you all a chance to see everything inside while still having some time to make your purchase. So here you go…you get ALL OF THIS for just $5.00. And you can feel good that you are doing your part to support the site and its dreams for serving the digi community.