Hybrid Hoopla


The last few weeks have been very busy and very stressful. More and more I am finding that if I spend some time each day doing something creative, it really helps to bring down the stress and fill me up with happy creativeness. However, on the weekends I also want to be hanging out with my family instead hiding away at my computer. So I decided to take a peek into the hybrid galleries to see if I could find anything that would inspire me to create something fun and be able to do it at the dining table with the family all around. The result? Totally overwhelmed with so many cool projects and pages…I am just bursting to do something! Hopefully I can create something like these amazing pieces of art.

(all images are linked for full gallery credits)

strawberries_webLOVE this strawberry box set by kelleighr. What a fun, springy gift!


This little hybrid card by livelys is so stinkin’ cute! I just love the little kids under the umbrella!

old-fashioned-bag-3Isn’t this bag by cindyg so gorgeous? The layered tag is just the perfect accent!

photo_hybrid_tank_copy_smallThis tank top by scrappinfishie is just so cool! What a fun idea!

stationary11I WANT one of these desk organizers for my office! I LOVE it! Mturnidge needs to come to my house and make me one! Here are some other angles.


alb_12-27-07agreentree11This hybrid layout by Amy Martin (alb52) makes me want to give hybrid scrapping another chance. I hate the mess but I LOVE the results!


This hybrid gift set makes such a beautiful and personal present for a friend. Thanks, ocmath, for the inspiration!

chick-onesiesIf these chick onsies by karistamps aren’t the cutest baby gift EVER, I don’t what are!


new_home1This New Home Gift Album by Jen Tapler just makes the coolest gift for a new neighbor.


Hopefully now we are all inspired to break away from our computer and — do we dare? — get our hands dirty! I have a bunch of ideas now of things I want to do. I just have to try and decide which one gets to come first! Happy weekend to you all!


P.S. Don’t forget that Designer Digitals is having their quarterly sale and Little Dreamer Designs is celebrating their 2nd birthday!