Hiding your email addy from spambots

email400-2Papers by Zoe Pern

Once in a while there comes a need for each of us to post our email address online.  It might be so we can enter a drawing,post it in a forum, or on our blog or website so people can contact us if they need to.  Most of us know that we don’t want to post the ACTUAL email address because we will start to get spam.  Did you know that there are spambots out there that crawl the web in search of email addresses?  Once you post your actual email address you will start receiving spam…unfortunately.

One way that people will post their email address (which I’m sure we have all seen) is to post it in code by using the words AT and DOT instead of the symbols.  Sometimes people will use (  ) as well.  This tip that I am going to share was shared with me a couple of years ago by Dianne Rigdon and it’s super easy too!

When I want to post my email online, I just go to THIS SITE and obfuscate my email, or in other words, make it so it works for people but not for the spambots.  Just enter your email addy in the box, click  on “Click to Obfuscate” and then copy the html into the comment portion of a blog, post in a forum, or the html portion of a blog post.  It will show up like this:

But only PEOPLE will be able to see it…NO BOTS!!