Don’t Explain it…Show them


The scene is familiar — I am out with friends or family and we are chatting away. The discussion comes around to the fact that I scrapbook digitally. People have no idea what I am talking about. They ask lots of questions and I fumble around trying to come up with ways to explain what I do in a way that won’t confuse them. Once that fails, they move on to asking about what I do with the pages.

“Do you just leave them on your computer?”
“No, I print them.”

“Well what do they they look like?”

“Um, well, they look like scrapbook pages. I will have to show you sometime.”

The problem is, that “sometime” usually turned into a never. After one too many of scenes like this I had an idea. Rather than a, “I’ll show you next time” I can now say, “Well, I have some pages if you want to look at them.”


I purchased a small, plain album and printed out about 25-30 of my favorite layouts, sized 5×5. I put the album together and started taking it to places where the subject might come up (seeing people I haven’t seen for a while, meeting new people, family outings, etc.) It has been so nice to be able to actually show people what I am talking about. They get really excited and want to learn more. When people can actually visually grasp digital scrapbooking and see how amazing the pages look, they become eager for more. I am able to take the discussion from what I do to telling them about what they can do. Scrapping is such a big part of my life and I love being able to share it with those around me.

Here is what you can do:

Purchase a small album (5×5 or 6×6 works great)
Print out some of your favorite layouts in the size of your album (choose layouts that don’t have a lot of journaling that would be hard to read when printed small). I printed all of my pages in 5×5 because Scrapbook Pictures does it for just $.35 (as opposed to 6×6 which are $1.00)

Put the album together and carry it along with you to playdates, evening at friends houses, even Saturday morning soccer games. The subject of scrapping won’t always come up, but when it does you are armed and ready!


Another bonus of having a small album with you when you go out? Keeping the kids occupied while waiting for the doctor, to pick up siblings, or even waiting for a red light. They are the perfect size for little hands!