Brushes-Beyond the Basics


Since I (Steph) did the post about brushes a while back, I received many comments, emails, and even a phonecall (haha) from people wanting to know MORE about using brushes. So today I have some links to really GREAT tutorials all about brushes. From these tutorials you can learn AS MUCH or AS LITTLE as you want and have time for. I learned quite a bit from these, for instance, did you know in PSCS you can use the dynamics settings to brush with TWO brushes AT THE SAME TIME!? Remember that even though these tutorials may have not been written for your EXACT program or version, they will often work in many programs. Please, don’t let the fact that they were not written for digital scrapbookers scare you, these principles can easily be applied in digi scrapping! 🙂


35 Tutorials for Mastering Brushes (scroll down until you see ROTATING BRUSHES, this is the first tutorial in the list. Each tutorial is listed with a screenshot and link in the title). I learned several new things from the tutorial on Brush Dynamics.

Paint Shop Pro

There are many tutorials for PSP on this site, scroll down until you see the three sections for PAINT BRUSHES.


I have had a hard time finding PI brush tutorials, but did find one here that might be helpful.

I hope this will help those of you that are still struggling with brushes!