Right Round Baby, Right Round

project365week1-b-copy450Supplies are from Life 365 at Weeds and Wildflowers

On Wednesday this week I(Steph) took my crop-a-dile to a friend so she could use it for some cards she was making. While I was there, I saw some cute little squares and rectangles with rounded corners. I had told her last week how much I like rounded corners because they make things look so GREAT with such little effort. I was reminded how difficult it was for me to figure out how to round corners digitally when I first started. It’s almost laughable how long it took me to figure it out…haha!

I was able to find some GREAT tutorials to share with you on how to round corners but to my surprise, none of them showed the way I do it. Most of the tutorials showed one or more different ways to round corners, so I learned A LOT of different ways to accomplish this technique.

First, I thought I wanted to share how I do it…

1) I select my rounded rectangle tool (under the rectangle tool in PS and PSE) and I use these settings:


2) Create a new layer

3) Click and drag to draw the rectangle or square (to get a perfect square, hold the shift key while dragging).

4) Now, I just use the shape layer like it is a template or clipping mask. I put the paper or photo layer ABOVE the shape layer and then in PS, CTRL+ALT+G and in PSE CTRL+G.

As always, even if these tutorials are not written specifically for your program, the version of your program, or even scrapbooking, the principles will apply across platforms.

Rounded Corners in PSE by Misty Cato

Rounded Corners in PSE by Pain in the Tech (isn’t that a fun name?)

Rounded Corners in PS by Website Magazine

Four Different Methods to Create Rounded Corners by Tutorio

Rounded Corners In Gimp

Have fun going round! 🙂