A Simple Easter Craft


I know with 99% accuracy that if I ask my oldest daughter what she would like to do, she will say “a craft.” Because of that, I am always on the lookout for fun and easy things that we can do together. I am also usually looking for fast things, because while she LOVES to do crafts, her attention span is very short. We need crafts that are quick and easy. And they score bonus points for me if I can use my digi products!

I was looking through one of my craft books and came across one for making a simple Easter basket. I remembered seeing something like this in the past in the digi community and was bummed I couldn’t find it again. After some tweaking and personalizing, I thought it would be a fun craft to share with you! The whole thing took me less than 15 minutes…can’t beat that!

All you need for this craft is some cardstock, scissors, glue, something to put inside your basket (I used yarn but you could use Easter grass, real grass, confetti, pieces of paper, cotton balls, etc), and a great digi kit.

***The template for this project is no longer available***

I decided to use one of my most favorite sprintime kits, the PROMISE COLLECTION by Shabby Princess which is FREE at her site.


When adding paper and elements to the template, be sure to be aware of which direction that area will be facing once the basket is put together. For mine, I had to rotate the border as I added it to each side so that all the grass and flowers would be going the right direction when it was assembled. I also added a few flowers and other elements to my page before printing so that I could cut them out and add to the basket later. This is what my page looked like before I printed:


First I printed one side of my cardstock in the solid yellow color. This would be the inside color for the basket, as well as the tops of the scallop edges once they are folded out. I then ran the same piece of cardstock through the printer, printing out the final design on the opposite side.


Once printed, I cut out the basket shape and the handle. I then folded all the inside lines, glued the lip pieces to the inside of the basket, and then glued the handle on. I added flowers and a butterfly to the outside and called it done. Such a sweet little craft — perfect for giving a gift teachers, neighbors, and friends. Throw in a few chocolate eggs and no one will be able to resist!