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If you love all things homemade, warm and comfortable, and totally unique then today’s post is for you! We are so excited to have Lynne-Marie Favreau with us this month at THE DAILY DIGI. I discovered her designs not long ago and was immediately in love with the worn style, the hand-drawn whimsical elements, and her free-spirited style. I think you will love seeing the amazing designs that fill her store. But first, let’s see what she made especially for THE DIGI FILES 3. You won’t believe all the stuff she packed in this kit!


And here are previews of the individual sets within the kit




Can you believe that you get ALL OF THAT PLUS designs from a bunch of other designers all for just $5.00? And remember, the sale of THE DIGI FILES supports this site. Our desire to avoid the site being cluttered with advertisers is only fulfilled in being able to have to proceeds of THE DIGI FILES supporting the site. You still have a week to pick up this month’s collection…after that, everything goes back into designer stores for its regular market value.

Here is a page I made with it (everything from the page is from Lynne-Marie’s kit; font is misproject)




Lynne-Marie Favreau lives with her husband André and three darling boys, Caleb, Nathaniel and Jude in the Montreal region of Quebec, Canada. She and her husband are also actively involved in music. They recently completed a French album with worship leader Paul Baloche (www.leadworship.com). Homeschooling her oldest son also takes up a big chunk of her time and energy, but she enjoys designing for Catscrap and Zig Zag Scrap whenever she can!

STORES: Catscrap and Zig Zag Scrap

BLOG: Lynne-Marie Designs


I used to be an elementary school teacher. When I had my babies I just couldn’t bear the thought of leaving them to someone else while I took care of other people’s kids. I decided to redirect my career towards graphic art and took on contracts from home. I opened Photoshop for the first time in November of 2007 and took an online course of study. In January I discovered digital scrapbooking and figured that it was something I could do!! I knew NOTHING of the industry! Figuring that I didn’t have the necessary contacts to “get into” an established store, I opened my own (Zig Zag Scrap). One week before our opening day, Catscrap (my FAVORITE store) had a designer call. I applied, and to my surprise, was accepted!!!


I created and sold my very first kit (Bubble Bliss) in June of 2008


Now that I design, I have very little time to scrap, but I get so much satisfaction from creating my kits that I don’t miss it too much. However, I am really behind in my memory-keeping!! One of these days I’ll try to catch up… (ahem, ahem, ahem…. yeah, right!)


When we first opened Zig Zag Scrap (myself and Annick Philibert), I was working at least 60 hours per week! I had countless sleepless nights. We were learning about the business, setting up our store and designing all at once! To top things off I decided to start homeschooling in September and we had our release of the Paul Baloche album, so I was really doing too much! Recently I took a long hard look at my life and reorganized my priorities. I’ve vowed to spend no more than 15 hours per week on my design related work. This means that I will not be one of the more prolific designers out there, but that’s fine with me. I have so many other goals to acheive! I am also working on my songwriting and plan to release an album of my own stuff this year.


My all-time fovorite product so far is my Mixed Media collection. It took me two months to get it done, but I keep going back to it whenever I have a little time to scrap. This is truly the style that suits me best. My best work is done on real paper with messy paints and markers. Although I admire designs with a more graphic look and I’ve tried to do some myself, I just keep coming back to the hand-made look. If I can slip a second kit in here I have to say I also loved working on my Seuss inspired kit “Imagine”.




Hands down, my Tattered Overlays… I think most people know me by this product alone! Incidentally, I have a new set of these available in both my stores (both PU and CU versions).






1. The sound of my children laughing
2. Chocolate (ohh… how I wish I didn’t love it so much!)
3. A new drawing pad
4. The smell of Playdoh
5. Falling asleep to the sound of dh playing music
6. Spring
7. Getting up before everyone else and actually having some quiet time in the morning!
8. Taking a walk in warm, rainy weather
9. Getting rid of stuff
10. A day all alone at home (I’m sooo much more effective!)


1. The sound of my kids fighting
2. Getting to bed too late
3. Drivers who think they own the road
4. Recorded messages trying to sell me something on the phone at suppertime (what are they thinking!?)
5. Laundry, Ironing and general housework!
6. Winter (yeah… and I’m in Canada!)
7. The question “Mom, what can I do?” when the playroom is full of stuff!
8. Discovering that my two year old bit off the top half of my favorite lipstick
9. Bad hair days
10. “Photoshop quit unexpectedly”!! (I think all designers have to agree on this one!)


It’s been fun getting to know Lynne-Marie a little bit better…but it will be even MORE fun to show you some more of her really cool products! (All images are clickable)







And…Lynne-Marie has some new Tattered Overlays in her store!




Thank you, Lynne-Marie, for being with us here at THE DAILY DIGI this month! I know I have loved seeing your designs and getting to know you a bit better. Your style is one of a kind and I am sure you will go far!

As a gift to TDD readers, Lynne has a coupon for you

She also has this note for all of you:

Several of you have asked me to include templates with my overlays as not all programs work without them. I’ve put together a file with templates for Tattered 1 and 2 that you can download for free from my BLOG. Of course, they are of no use if you don’t have the overlays themselves. All future sales of these products will include the templates.