Hybrid Help – So Lucky


I really wanted to do something FUN and Special for the people I love for St. Patrick’s Day. Even though I don’t necessarily believe in luck too much, I do love this saying for St. Patty’s Day and wanted to make use of it for a fun project. This is a super easy hybrid project and if hybrid makes you a little nervous (ahem, I know a lot of people that would fit in that category), it is a great project to start with!

I created a 5×7 template for this project that you can download below. When you open the template, you will see a blue line (guide) in the middle, thid is your fold line. This line will help you keep your text below the fold. You can get rid of it (or turn it on if you don’t see it) by going to view>guides.


I used the papers, alpha, and the font that are included in The Digi Files 2 (I thought Kate’s alpha was PERFECT for this project)! I made one for friends and then another more general one for the members of my family.



Here are the supplies you will need for the hybrid part, after printing (plus your favorite brads or buttons):


Here’s what I did:

1) I marked the halfway point on the long side of my ‘So Lucky’ print (at 3.5″).

2) I used my exacto knife around the edges of the scribbles on the top part of the clover leaf. Since there are scribbles traced around the outside edges, you don’t need to be perfect, if you aren’t exactly on the lines, no one will know the difference.

3) I folded the card in half along the marks I made earlier.

4) I added some heart shaped brads to the center of the clover.

5) I used my corner rounder (I left one of them square so you can see the difference).

6) I added some treats to the inside of the paper bag.

7) I folded over a few inches of the paper bag and put the ‘So Lucky’ card/topper over the folded edge of the bag.

8) Lastly, I stapled the card/topper to the bag with some lime green staples 🙂

Okay, if you want to make some of these little goodie bags for the people you love in your life, grab this template here and then go grab The Digi Files 2 (if you haven’t already)! It will only take a few minutes to make these lovelies! 🙂


You can grab that template HERE from Gigasize.


P.S. Gina at Digital Design Essentials has a very fun, new kit available through today for a GREAT deal!

P.S.S Melissa Bennett has an AWESOME grab bag in her store that you do NOT want to miss!! Happy 1st anniversary Melissa!

One of the Coolest Things I own


This past summer I made a very impulsive purchase, but one that I love. I was reading about different camera equipment and saw something about a Remote Control Timer. I have had a small hand help remote and I had read things about a cable release cord, but I didn’t know anything about this. I was intrigued!


I purchased the Canon TC80N3 Timer Remote Control which worked for my camera (a Canon 20D). This is both a remote control and a timer. According to the description, it can be used as a “self-timer, interval timer, long-exposure timer, and exposure count setting feature. The timer can be set anywhere from 1 sec. to 99 hrs., 59 min., 59 sec.” Basically, what it means is that you can use it as a regular self timer (so you can take your own photos without having to RUN to get into place. You can also use it as a long exposure camera (so if you are taking pictures of something that needs a long exposure time you aren’t stuck holding down the shutter button) and my personal favorite — the interval timer.

You can set the camera to take pictures at set times. You can take photos as fast as 1 a second (great for getting a bunch of great group shots while people chat and get into place). You can also set it for longer and record amazing things like watching a day lily bloom or watching snow accumulate on your deck. The possibilities are endless!

The day I was MOST excited to have this remote was Christmas morning. I really wanted to be a part of the day rather than just being behind the camera. So, I set the camera on a tripod, set it on auto (see, there are times when auto mode is a good choice), and set the timer to take a photo once a minute. I let it go all morning long! I still had my other camera with me to take close up shots, etc., but really, I was able to sit back and enjoy the day and know it was being preserved! It even caught this shot — you kind of forget that the camera is still going!

n734255764_1353488_3558Mommy Kissing Santa Claus

I encourage you to check it out and save your pennies. There are so many ways this product can be used! (Just make sure you get the right one for your camera!)

I’m Inspired…


I am in the middle of a MUCH needed vacation right now.  This is the first time I have been away from my family more than just a day or two.  I’m hanging out in Manila (the Philippines) and enjoying time with good friends, good food, and no kids.  The no kids part leaves me with MUCH more time on my hands than I am used to, so I am ready to scrap.  I searched the galleries for some inspiration and I wasn’t disappointed!  Here is what I found. Be sure to click on the pictures to see the full credits!


I love this layout by sbaird.  She did an amazing job with layering lots of elements but without cluttering the page. I love the yarn sun and the rainbow colored papers.


This layout by babycake is great! The look on the little girls face is PRICELESS and I love the yellow and greens. They give the page a feeling of the happy innocence of childhood which downplays the title of “Guilty.” To me, it says she may be guilty but she is still as sweet and light as ever!


What a fun layout by jleigh76.  As part of her PROJECT 365 she documented the family’s TV schedule. What a great thing to document…I am always hearing about shows my parents used to like!


This layout by angels is fantastic.  I love the blocks of paper and she did a fabulous job with the realism of her elements.


I love the artistic feel of this gorgeous layout by flipflop.  The artist papers really help to convey her theme of the artistry of God.


This colorful LO by scubalaola is so fun and childlike.  I think that is the bluest tongue I have ever seen!


This sweet LO is by Star74.  I just ADORE the title work and the little frog hopping of the page is so stinkin’ cute!


And now I want to highlight two particular galleries that have inspired me.

First is pne123.  I have enjoyed looking through her gallery so much!  It is obvious that she cherishes telling the story through her journaling and her perfectly imperfect style is near and dear to my heart. She makes great use of elements and really uses color to help tell her story.  It was hard to choose, but I picked three layouts from her gallery to share.


This layout beautifully shares a tough story about her daughter and the after effects of surgery.  Scrapping the hard times in life is hard but they are part of our story.  I am so impressed with what she has done here.


This layout is incredible.  The colors and design are inspiring, but what I love more is the cropped pictures of her daughter.  By choosing four up-close pictures of the girl’s face from different ages you can really focus on the way she has changed — and yet stayed the same — over time.


This perfectly designed layout shares the story about a stage in her son’s life — the chewing phase.  Our kids have all gone through it but how much of we captured it in our albums?  I love the close up photo and the layering of the title and pieces of paper.

Thanks so much, pne123 for inspiring me!


The second gallery that I spent a lot of time in is my3hens.  Her style is much different than my own scrapping style but that doesn’t mean I don’t LOVE what she makes.  I am totally inspired by what she does and am amazed at how she uses digital techniques.  Extraction of photos is a really “in” thing to do right now and this artist really sets the stage for doing it well. She chooses wisely and uses the extracted photos as well as other artistic/fantasy items to really help tell her story.  If I could scrap like this, I would!


This layout has got to be one of my most favorite LO’s EVER!  I have never seen extraction work done so well and for such a purpose. This is truly a case of “a photo speaks 1000 words!”  The details are just AMAZING (check out the paint on the wall and the water spilling out of the fridge!) and I totally can “feel” what it is like living with her two year old!  This needs to be printed BIG and framed in the little one’s room!


I just love this LO.  Orange is not a color I know how to use well so it inspires me to see other people use it. I also love how the head shots are in the clouds — totally reemphasizes the topic of the layout — imagination.


Without realizing it, I chose another “head in the clouds LO — this one with the title to go with it!  I just adore how she used her elements and design to tell a story — not just to add more stuff to a page.  I just see a little girl with imagination bursting out of her little mind.  The dreams, the fantasies, the stories of a child’s world are represented here.  How wonderful!


Thank you to all of these amazing artists for inspiring me this week!  If you write to me at janet AT thedailydigi DOT com and tell me your layout was featured, I’ve got a coupon for you!

Keep scrapping.  Keep being inspired.  Keel following your heart.  Your art will follow.

Copy Cat


The other day I was chatting online with a friend.  She was wanting to find a good Strawberry Shortcake recipe to use.  Easily I was able to go back in my mind to eating scrumptious servings of Ruby Tuesday’s Strawberry Tallcake.  The recipe is so delish…the cake is soft and moist rather than dry and crumbly like most shortcake recipes.  I gave her the recipe and since then have been thinking about all the recipes I have used and loved from my TOP SECRET RECIPE books.  These books, written by Todd Wilbur, have been a wonderful part of my life for the last ten years. I bought them when we were first married and we were working in a Children’s Home. I had to cook 2-3 meals a day for ten people!  Since that time, these books have been a huge part of my kitchen life. They are so, so good. I also enjoy reading the background of the companies and restaurants that made them so popular!

So, get ready!  For today’s the UN-digi I want to share a few of my favorite (sweet and sugary) recipes!  There are lots of other great ones, too, that aren’t for sweets, but we can all use a little bit of sweetness, right?  Get ready for some yumminess!  Click on the Recipe Name to be taken to an online copy of the recipe.  These are all exact replicas from the books, even though people claim their name as the recipe originator 🙂





If you want more of these recipes, try going to the TOP SECRET COPYCAT RECIPE site, where they have a few of the recipes available online.  I would recommend buying the books, though, as they contain a lot more. I don’t have Restaurant Recipes #2 and I want it!



Taking a Stroll…


I took a stroll around the digi world to see what the latest and greatest products were. And here are just some of the wonderful things I found! (all images are clickable)


BABY O’ MINE – Girl by Melissa Bennett at Sweet Shoppe Designs. I love the soft and shabby feel of the papers. Seem so warm and cozy…just like a new little baby. Available in a boy set as well!


WAITING FOR THE RAIN ALPHA by Shawna Clingerman at Sweet Shoppe Designs. I just love the look of acrylic and this set seems extra “thick” and chunky. LOVE it!


HUGS AND KISSES set by Gina Marie Huff at Weeds and Wildflowers. These papers are just so yummy and versatile. You can use them on so much more than just “lovey” pages!


TEMPLATE PACK 2 by Kaye Winiecki at The Lilypad. I just LOVE this set of templates. They are fun and fresh and the colors (while I know you won’t see them on the final page!) make me happy.


LUV SONG alpha by CD Muckosky at The Lilypad. CD made it. I want it. Enough said.


You can’t miss a FREE kit by Shabby Princess, now can you?


This set of WHIMSICAL BUTTONS by Kasia Designs at Shabby Picke Designs is SO SO SOOOO cute!


EVERYDAY BLISS by Vera Lim at Shabby Pickle Designs. I just LOVE this kit. Isn’t that set of hanging laundry just the CUTEST THING EVER?? If you purchase before March 9, you get this free set of quick pages, too!



I am always looking for new and fun ways to date my pages. These GRUNGY MONTH BRUSHES by Michelle Coleman at Little Dreamer Designs are great!


All of the printables by Kelleigh Ratzlaff at Jen Wilson Designs are so, so, SO fun. This set includes a fancy bag, hexagon box, and puff box!


Jen Wilson ROCKED with these Date Tickets. I LOVE them!


These ADD IT UP STAMPS by Audrey Neal at We Are Storytellers are super fun. Great for dates, ages, lists, and more!


I love this birthday kit called AND MANY MORE by Danielle Young at Oscraps . Might have to snatch it up…it is definitely birthday season around our house!


I also have one very cool, very unique product to share with you…Amy Sumrall’s SHAPE UP — A kit and learn and play program,



PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Shape Up! is way more than a digital scrapbooking kit. It is also an innovative and exciting system to teach your child how to make their own pages, and also provide them with hours of imagination driven fun! There are 3 components to this kit and program. Number 1 is the “traditional” digi-scrap backgrounds. Number 2 includes the “traditional” digi-scrap elements. Number 3 is very exciting! It includes a comprehensive Learn and Play System for your children! Let’s break it down and look at what is included! 1. There are 23 colorful backgrounds with prints and solids, perfect for scraping kid pages, birthdays, vacations and more! 2. There are also 67 “traditional” digital scrapbooking elements, including buttons, bows, handmade felties, frames, ribbons, sequins, glitter and flowers and oh-so-much more! Oh, and 4 mix -n- match alphas! 3. The Play and Learn System contains: The basic shapes your child will use to complete the video tutorial and to build many fun pages with. Remember ColorForms? This is the same idea, except your child can play with them on the computer and build a countless number of different pages all while using their imagination! I will show them how! Dress up dolls with outfits and hairdos for even more fun! Pre-made scenes that your child can use as a starting point for their pages which will be so much fun for them to add their photos to and decorate. Scene Builders which are pre-made elements built from shapes that your child can mix in with the elements that they will be building with shapes! Yes, that’s right! They will be making their own elements! Even the 3 year old kids with just basic knowledge of how to use a mouse! A link to the first 2 videos in a series that will show your child how to digi-scrap in the most simple and inspiring way. New videos will be made available monthly, and they will always be absolutely free! They are geared towards children ages 3 and up, but can be helpful to anyone with very little experience on the computer. The first video tutorial utilizes PhotoShop and can be applied to PhotoShop Elements too. With the purchase of this kit, you and your children have open access to all of the videos in the series for as long, and as often, as you’d like! Have an idea for a future video? Just email me and I will add it to the list of upcoming videos! No stone was left unturned in putting this kit together! I have even included the color palette I made and utilized to create this kit with, which we will be using in an upcoming tutorial video! Every single item in this kit was created using only the very basic of shapes: square, triangle, rectangle and circle (well, except for the strings and bows LOL!) It is amazing what can be created using only these basic shapes. There is no limit, especially for children who have such amazing imaginations as it is! I think it is very important to nurture our childrens imaginations and this kit will provide them with a great outlet for their creativity and help to foster what just may become a life long love of digital scrapbooking and art! I hope you and your family enjoy this kit and program as much as I enjoyed designing it for you!

I got a chance to get this set and have my kids play with it — we had so much fun! My six year old has already done some scrapping, so she was already familiar with how to do some things. She really enjoyed dressing up the dolls and then putting them in their “house.”



My son, who is four, has never done any computer scrapping stuff. But he was able to enjoy it too! He has a magnetic shape board that has lots of example pictures. So, we took some of those and recreated them using the shapes in the kit. He enjoyed telling me to make things bigger or small, a diferent color, or that they needed to be rotated. These were the results!



Aren’t these SO FUN? The kids had a blast and have been asking to do more. Go get yours! YOu can also check out Amy’s blog for more examples!


These products are just the beginning. The digi world is full of so much talent and creativity. The shopping only ends when your paypal runs out 😉




I remember the first time someone asked me if I could show them how to scrap digitally. I was excited at the prospect of sharing my new love with someone else but I was really at a loss of how to do it. In the end, I did more of a “watch what you can do” lesson that “this is how you do it”. It went okay. I repeated the process with a few more people, with varying degrees on how much they got what I was trying to say. I mean really, how do you teach someone to scrap in an hour (which is what they seemed to want!)

A few months after that I taught my first (and only!) “organized” class. We did it in the computer lab at the school where we worked (I had the IT guy DL a free trial of PSE on all the computers) and I tried to show others how to scrap. I didn’t do a very good job. I will say, though, that at least one person got it enough that a few months later she really got into it and became a fabulous scrapper (oh yes, that’s you amazing steinygirl!) She has since gone on to teach others and I get so excited to see the domino effect of people teaching others.

I bet some of you have taught others. I bet a lot MORE of you would LOVE to try but you don’t know where to start! My feeble attempts are nothing worth immitating but I did find two people in the scrapping world who have done some great teaching. They were kind enough to share some of their experiences!

First up we have Andrea Graves. She is great scrapper and all around sweet gal! Secondly, we have Steph from right here at THE DAILY DIGI. Both have done some teaching and are willing to answer some questions for all of us!


ANDREA: A friend of mine was doing it and I begged her to give me a one hour crash course, after that, I knew I was hooked and I could hardly sleep for a week because the wheels in my head would not stop turning with all the possibilities digi offered – I knew I had to learn more – so I did and it became my passion!

STEPH: It just sort of evolved over a period of time (I have been using the computer to do “hybrid” layouts since my oldest was born in 1996), but it really took off for me after reading a Memory Makers special issue on “computer scrapbooking”.


ANDREA: 2.5 years

STEPH: Doing whole layouts on the computer since fall of 2003, but like I said using computers on my layouts since 1996…I really need to scan some of my first hybrid layouts, it would be fun and probably funny too.


ANDREA: First off, I wished there had been a class for me on Photoshop Elements (PSE) and there was nothing of the kind. I had to learn stuff the hard way, and I wanted to make it easier for others by offering a class. And there was a big demand for it in my area.
STEPH: I love this hobby so much that I really wanted to share it and I also really wanted some “real life” friends that would understand what it is I am so excited about.


ANDREA: A little over a year

STEPH: I have been teaching since I started digi scrapping myself, but officially doing classes and workshops for just over a year.


ANDREA: A good friend suggested I go teach a class thru our local city, so I called the city up and they said they wanted me. Since then I have taught 6 classes thru the city almost all filled to the maximum capacity.

STEPH: I had been working with my local community college for over a year before they finally decided to add it to the schedule. I would just call them up periodically and ask them if they would be interested in a class like this. Sometimes they would refer me to the Parks and Rec. (which I wasn’t really interested in) and sometimes they would say they would think about it. When they did decide to add it to the schedule, I hadn’t spoken with them for a few months.


ANDREA: Since my class is at the local city building, they do not have a computer lab, so people have to have their own laptop and they have to have a copy of PSE on their computer. I actually like this, because if people are going to take a PSE class they need to commit by owing a copy of the program, otherwise there is no point to come take the class. Then I have a projector on the wall with my laptop, and I have lots of handouts.

STEPH: Hands on. With the classes at the community college, it was great because we had a computer lab and everyone was on the same platform and all using the same version of PSE. My computer was hooked up to the overhead and they could see everything I was doing as I was doing it.

In the more informal settings, people usually have a laptop, or I let them work on mine. Or, I have even gone to people’s homes and taught them on their computer (which is actually the most difficult to do). Once in a while people will come without a computer and watch and take notes.


ANDREA: 15. This works for me, if someone is just starting out teaching, I recommend not doing more then 10 for the first class to get a good feel for it.

STEPH: 2-12


ANDREA: Yes, I give handouts and materials. I create all my handouts and have products on a cd that have been donated by certain designers and used with permission.

STEPH: When I have taught at the community college, I have done handouts with tutorials and step-by-step instructions. I also do a handout with websites I like, etc. I made these myself using screenshots and PowerPoint. Things change so fast in digital though, that I have found it better to just give resources instead of reworking my handouts each class.


ANDREA: Just a basic background on digi, I have a BIG soapbox about pirating and not doing it, and actually have them sign a paper saying they will not pirate! Discuss what we will learn in the coming weeks, etc.
STEPH: After some trial and error, I have found the best way to teach people is having them use a template. They can usually finish a layout in a class and leave feeling successful instead of frustrated. The same principles used for building a layout with a template can transfer over to building a layout without a template.

I always hit piracy hard and have found it necessary to tell people over and over and over. It is always surprising to me how many people really think it is okay.


ANDREA: Last year I taught 3 different sessions: Winter, Spring & Fall. This year I am teaching Winter and Fall. I left Spring out because my kids have sports during that time this year. My class is 5 weeks for one night a week for 1.5 hours.

STEPH: Not that often anymore. I still get people asking me to do workshops etc., (which I will do once in a while) but, I have found that people aren’t really willing to pay as much as the community college wants to charge (I had no say in the price for the class)…they don’t really want to pay anything actually and so I have to weigh the time it takes to do a class (which is a lot of time) vs. the time that could be spent with my family and doing other things.


ANDREA: Maybe practice teaching some small groups first for free, I did this with 5 small groups thru my church (crowded around my computer at my home) and then they all wanted more, and my class evolved from that. Be prepared for all kinds of people to want to come learn – I have had a blast with it and loved my students! This class I even have two men, the first time for males to ever take from me, they both are signed up with their wives and it’s been a blast so far! I love teaching.

And remember, you will have to be patient, I have to repeat things sometimes 3 times for some people to grasp it, after awhile you get used to it. Also, plan on teaching basics, don’t get too advanced. Instead, make intermediate and advanced classes. I specialize in beginning to get people started and occasionally offer and intermediate/advanced class. But I prefer to stick with beginning for the most part. I love seeing people’s eyes light up with the possibilities digi has to offer! And many people feel very intimidated by digi so it’s good to stick to the basics and get them a strong foundation to build on and give them forums and other places to go for resources to learn more. I also recommend books for more detailed steps and instructions then what I cover in my classes.

STEPH: Start with some small groups first and try different things and see what kind of a format will work for you and those learning.


ANDREA: My city finds people for my class by advertising with flyers, so that is very lucky for me. Also, our city has the best program for recreation classes in the county and people come from cities all over to the class. If you do a good job, word will get around and people will tell their friends. I also have a small website. If you have a city that offers classes or a nearby High School that offers continuing education I would recommend going there and seeing if you could use their computer lab or a room and have people supply their own laptops (which is easier when they are on their own computers and hard to find labs with the right software).

STEPH: There are lots of options with community centers, parks and rec., and continuing education. I loved having a computer lab to teach in, it really was an ideal situation and the community college did all of the advertising for me, which was GREAT, but I only made a very small amount of what they charged. Many churches will allow their spaces to be rented for things like this as well.


ANDREA: I feel like it is very affordable, I charge $60 and the city keeps a percentage of it that is fair to cover them advertising the class and allowing us to use the beautiful facility we have.

STEPH: The community college charged and I really need to start charging when I do my little workshops…haha.



STEPH: At the community college, everyone was on the same program, but by the end of the class, they were bringing their laptops and I was teaching them how to do things in CS vs. PSE. I have also done workshops where people are using PSE and PSCS, since I have used both, it’s not too big of a deal, but it can get confusing to switch back and forth.


ANDREA: I don’t know what to say on that one, for me, teaching is just in my personality and digi is what I love, it has all been a blast and I have been very blessed to have wonderful people sign up for my classes and have had an awesome time teaching them. I feel very fortunate to be able to do this and love every minute of it! 🙂

STEPH: I wish I would have told people (over and over) that they will only be successful if they are willing to go home and try what they learned. I also wish I would have given homework assignments for the workshops, because a lot of people would walk out of the class and not do anything all week. Then, the next week I would have to re-teach the previous weeks lesson.


Thank you SO MUCH Steph and Andrea for taking the time to answer all these questions. I know so many people would love to teach but just aren’t sure where to start. Hopefully this information was beneficial to them and they can step put and give it a try, even if it is just with friends. After all, who wouldn’t love to have in-real-life digi friends?


P.S. Everything (except the stitches) used on the opening graphic and question graphics is from THE DIGI FILES 2 (including the font!) Get it HERE.



For many digi scrappers, one of the dreaded parts of downloading new goodies is unzipping them. How many times have you downloaded some new supplies, but not unzipped them right away, only to come back later and find out the file was corrupt? One of my (Steph’s) favorite discoveries after I started digi scrapping was ‘Unzip Them All’. It’s an app or utility that will unzip several zip folders at one time.

I have been using ‘Unzip Them All’ for three or four years now, but have since found out that there are many decompression utilities out there, that have a lot of really great features. After reading Heidi’s very thorough review of ‘Extract Now‘, I have thought about trying it out, but I still stay with ‘Unzip Them All’, not because I think it is the best out there, but because it’s already on my machine and it works for me. The interface on ‘Unzip Them All’ is pretty basic, but it does everything I want. I like that I can tell it to keep the zips or delete them after they have been unzipped (I usually keep them until I make sure there were no corrupt files). It also can handle A LOT of zips at one time without slowing down my system or crashing it. If you currently are not using a decompression tool, you might want to take the time to read Heidi’s review or these great reveiws I found here on several different free tools or these reveiws on both free and pay utilities. (UPDATE: after trying a couple of different unzipping utilities, I keep going back to UnzipThemAll. It’s interface isn’t pretty, but it works and doesn’t do more than I want/need.) Find sources to download UnzipThemAll here.

Now, I have a system in place and download everything to the same folder, I unzip the files and then delete the zips (once I am sure that everything uzipped okay). It makes it easier to know if a file is corrupt right then while I am still downloading. It is also really nice to be able to use my goodies right when I want to and not have to wait for them to unzip first. The very best part of using a decompression utility though is only waiting a few seconds for ALL of my zips to unzip!!

Ali has some great information on downloading and unzipping as well: Scrapbooking With Your Computer: Downloading, Unzipping, and Organizing Digital Elements



Spot Lit Wall

Misty Cato has been in the digi world for a quite a while and we are excited to have her be a part of THE DAILY DIGI this month.  She shares a vision for bringing information and inspiration to people in the digi world. Her blog is a great source of both!  She shares great tutorials, news from around the digi world, and some of her own designs.  Her store is filled with great kits, element packs, and alphas. We’re excited to get to see of her designs and to get to know her better!  But of course, we first have to look at her contribution to THE DIGI FILES 2!


Isn’t it FUN??  I find it so hard to find boyish kits that I like and this one was perfect.  I also LOVE the cardboard alpha…a LOT.  Here is a page I made with this great kit! (click for full credits)


You can get this kit as well as a TON of other stuff in THE DIGI FILES 2, available only through March 14.  Get it all for just $5.00!

Okay, so let’s learn a little bit about Misty!


STORE: Misty Cato at Sweet Shoppe Designs

BLOG: Misty Cato Designs Blog



It was something fun and creative to do.  I had left a career to stay home with my son.  Turns out he slept a ton that first year and while I loved being at home I was itching for something to do that was ‘my own’.  Designing filled that desire.


Well before I even new digital scrapbooking existed I was making patterns on the computer to serve as background for my son’s photos.  If that counts, then I’ve been designing about 4 years.  It’s a good thing I discovered digital scrapping though, because looking back, those first attempts are pretty scary.  I started selling my work in January 2006.


Both. It’s getting harder and harder to find time to scrap, but I still manage to squeeze in a few layouts now and then.

Here are a few recent layouts by Misty!

myaball-webThe tag lower left reads
The Rules:
1. Only Mya plays Mya ball. It makes her happy.
2. Mya can move the balls, arrange them and rearrange them however she wants.
3. Everyone else is a spectator.
4. Any spectator touching a ball will result in tears of frustration from the star player.

Credits: Pretty Play Clothes by Misty Cato

mistycato-quietmomentslayoutCredits: Deckled-Edge Papers by Misty Cato, Sweet Shoppe Designs, Thursday Page Set by Misty Cato, Sweet Shoppe Designs, Paper Block Templates v.5 by Emily Merritt, We Are Storytellers, Fonts – CK Flip Serif (journaling), CK Academia (Title), scrapNfonts.com


35-45.  Whenever there is downtime at home, I am working (when the kids are napping and after they go to bed).  My husband, Barron, takes charge of the kids and cooking an Saturdays so that is a full work day for me.


Hmm that’s tough.  As far as style and design goes, I’d say Rainforest RevelryI try to make my kits as versatile as possible without being ‘generic’ and I feel like this one really hit the mark.  It can be used to scrap nearly anything and still has and unique vibe to it.



It’s a toss up between Sweet Safari and Heartstrings.




1) Big squeezy hugs from my son

2) Little slobbery kiss from my daughter

3) Bed time stories with the kids

4) The smell of rain on hot pavement

5) Pink flowers

6) Cozy socks

7) Pacific Northwest Beaches, rocks and rain included

8) Visiting new places

9) A good mystery

10) Jellybeans (especially the black ones)


1) The televisions spewing ads at grocery store checkout stands that are always turned up too loud.

2) Being under pressure to be creative

3) That so much junk food is marketed directly to our kids.   Isn’t there a way to make healthy food seems as appealing as sugary cereals and gummy fruit snacks?

4) Channel flipping during TV shows.

5) Crowds – I avoid them as much possible

6) There’s never enough time for everything  I want to do

7) That low-cal never taste as good as the real thing

8) That I usually have to get out my husband’s tool box to free a new toy of its packaging.  Seriously, do they really need to bolt toys to their packaging?

9) Politicians who spend more time blaming others than working on solutions.

10) Whining – which I’ve already done too much of, so I’m glad this list is over 🙂


Now let’s venture into Misty’s store where we can see some of her amazing creations! (all images are clickable)









Thank you, Misty, for being with us this month.  Your fun and fresh designs and your desire to share the love of scrapping with people through your blog are inspirational!

And Misty has a great coupon for our readers…

“Daily Digi readers can receive 25% off my designs this week.  Use coupon code dailydigirocks. Expires March 15, 2009.”


Accordian Tin Album

Yesterday we had the fun of looking through Michelle Filo’s store and some of her great scrapping-help products! Michelle is so very talented, both in her scrapping and her designing. Her heart is really to HELP others scrap and to dip their toes in some hybrid work. So, in order to help you get started, she has written a fabulous tutorial for us using the accordion tin album template set that is part of THE DIGI FILES 2.

Use the template to create your little album digitally. You can do it all in one side or you can mix and match the pages to have both back and front decorated like I did in the example.


Print it off and cut the back and front with scissors or a guillotine/trimmer.



Trim the back pages only, leave the front intact so you can use it as a base


Using a ruler and scoring tool (or knife), score the pages of the front of the keepsake. Then fold it as in the image.



Adhere your back pages to the back of your front base using double sided tape.


OPTIONAL STEP: Use a corner rounder to smooth the corners of your keepsake, you can fold the inside pages to round their corners too.


Now you can add stitching ribbons, buttons and any other embellishments (don’t overdo it or you won’t be able to fold your album. I have also inked the edges of the album.



And here is the finished album!



At this point you can be done..tie up with a ribbon or leave as is. Or, if you would rather, you can decorate a tin to keep the little album in. I think this little project is perfect to keep in the wallet as opposed to simple photos of your family, and also a nice little variation of a birthday card. This on specifically I created for my newborn niece. So it was nice to have somewhere to keep it safe. I decided to decorate a mint tin.These should be easy to find. I actually bought the tin with mints inside, but you can find empty ones in your local scrapbook/craft shop.

First step to decorate a tin is to sand and paint it. I usually paint the whole tin but have found from past experience that it might make it harder to open so this time I have painted only the top and bottom bits, not the sides.


I have the printed a cover design I created digitally and added to the top of the tin with mod podge. I embellished with buttons adhered with glue dots, here is the finished result:



Thanks so much, Michelle, for sharing this great tutorial with us! The project looks so easy and fun. I want to try it! Thanks so much for sharing your love of scrapping, both digitally and hybrid, and showing us how easy it can be!


P.S. I want to wish a HUGE congrats to the two random winners of the CLICKINMOMS memberships!


Here is what our two winners had to say about what inspires them:

#108 — My kids are my inspiration and the beautiful scenery here in Alaska! I love to learn more about photography and I love to practice to improve my skills! (Sara Wise)

#110 — The joy others feel when they see that perfect shot is what inspires me. I want to bring that joy to others. I want everyone to have their memories captured so that little moment in time is never forgotten (GINGER)

If you two ladies can email me at janet AT thedailydigi DOT com I will get you you coupon codes rights away!