A Scott Kelby Approach


Scott Kelby is known for his “just tell me how to do it” approach to teaching photography, Photoshop, and computer tips. And although I am not going to use one of his tips today (though I am sure he has some on the issue) I will use his approach. Rather than explain in depth, I will just give you the basics: the what, when, and how. If you want the “why?”, do a google search on sharpening images for the web. I will throw in some examples, though 😉

WHAT: Images that are resized and posted to the web get “softened” in the process. In order to make them look like they would in real life/full size, you need to sharpen them for the web.

WHEN: Whenever you post something on the web

HOW: I have looked at many, many instructions and actions for sharpening for web and I always come back to these settings. I don’t know if I got them somewhere or if I fiddled with numbers to get here. But since I am NOT a “fiddle with every picture/layout individually” kind of gal, these are the BEST settings I have found that will work on all images.

Just one step: AFTER you have resized your image for web, run and unsharp mask with these settings:


The results are pretty great. Posting images to the web softens them and this is just the right amount to show others how great they look in real life!



drbapak_nosharpeningNO SHARPENING ADDED

drbapak_sharpeningWITH SHARPENING

One simple step make can a HUGE difference!


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