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When I first opening THE DAILY DIGI and was thinking about who to ask to be sponsors, Franziska Altmann was one of the first I thought of.  I didn’t really know her at all (other than that we were both at SBG) but I was in love with her designs.  I am a sucker for a great preview (note to all designers: you previews sell your designs so make them good) and Ziska has great previews.  Even more that, though, is that when you open the kit you find that the inside of the kit lived up to its preview (second note to designers — if the preview is the only good thing about your kit, customers will nont come back.)  Her designs or gorgeous and full of unique items.  I can’t wait to show you some of my favorite things.  But of course, we have some other things to do first!  Let’s see what she made especially for THE DIGI FILES 3.


Isn’t this kit SO CUTE?  I am not usually into themed kits but this one was just so adorable!  I can’t wait for my next time to teach Sunday School either — those sheep are going to be PERFECT for the unit they are working on!  In the meantime, here is a page I made (image is clickable for full credits)



My name is Franziska Altmann and am from Dresden Germany. I’m Mom to a two year old girl Charlotte, and I live together with her father, my boyfriend Jan.

STORE: Studio Ziska at Scrapbook Grpahics

GUEST DESIGNER at Scrap Orchard for March



I was scrapping pages for my daughter’s yearbook with a small budget, so I started tweaking stuff, and making elements and papers on my own. I had my daughter while I was studying to become a landscape architect. I was familiar with Photoshop and Illustrator, so making a baby book got me addicted to digital scrapbooking. After finishing my dissertation, I decided to be a stay at home mom for a while and selling digital scrapbook items was a nice way to earn the money to buy me more scrapping supplies.


I started to give away freebies on my blog from the very beginning. It took a while before the idea of selling hit my mind. I joined the Sunshine Girls for a freebie extravaganza in November 2007. However, it took a couple of months until I was ready to start selling my designs in May 2008, because I wanted to finish my dissertation first.


I think I’m both, even though I stopped uploading images to my online galleries. I love creating little hybrid gifts for my family. But I’m way behind on our yearbooks and vacation albums because I focus more on designing right now.


It depends, I have the rule of no computer time while my daughter is with me, so my designing time is limited to the times she is asleep or at daycare. I would guess it is about 6 hours on weekdays, and a bit less on the weekend. It is really hard to divide between computer work time and computer playtime.


Ocean Cloud of my kits alone, but there are lots of collab’s I love!


This is my latest and right now favorite collab (this changes with me creating them)



Vintage Flowers



1.  My daughter Charlotte

2.  Her father, the love of my live

3.  My family and friends (especially one Portuguese designer)

4.  Baking pink frosted cupcakes with my daughter

5.  Window shopping

6.  Coffee, yes I’m addicted

7.  Listening to music and going to concerts

8.  Hand crafting (all things with needles, like stitching, knitting, crocheting, sewing…)

9. Growing flowers

10. Sleeping in


1.  If my computer refuses to work

2.  Impolite stubborn people

3.  Having a two year old at home

4.  Housework

5.  Being shy

6.  Things not sorted by color

7.  Not seeing my family often enough

8.  Having to deal with tech stuff

9.  Having to write in English (I still feel like I have a language barrier)


Now let’s see some of Franziska’s gorgeous designs! (All images are clickable)





She also has some gorgeous quick pages that match some of her kits:



Ziska also wanted to show off some of her beautiful CT layouts…I can see why!



Thank you, Franziska, for sharing your talent with THE DAILY DIGI and with the digital community!  You are an amazing artist and I can’t wait to see what you come up with next!

As a THANK YOU to our readers, Ziska has this AMAZING coupon for us!