Elements Go Chameleon

One of the biggest benefits to digital scrapbooking and one of the reasons I went digital in the first place, is the ability to change colors on elements and papers. As a paper scrapper, I hated not being able to get the exact embellishment I wanted in the exact color (it is still a frustration when working on hybrid projects).

On this layout below, I changed the colors of the flowers to match my kids shirts (the flowers were originally blue and red). I also changed one of the hearts on the paper to make my visual triangle with the green complete.


(supplies from The Digi Files 1)

There are a many different ways to change colors. Here are a few:

  1. Simply adjust the hue and saturation to change the colors on an entire paper or object (be careful not to adjust the item so much that you lose texture and detail).
  2. Adjust the hue/saturation of a selection. On the green heart in the paper above, I used the magic wand set to a tolerance of 40 and then adjusted the hue and saturation.
  3. Some programs have a color replacement tool or brush that you can use to easily paint over an object while still keeping the texture and shadowing.
  4. Paint on a new layer and then adjust the blend modes and opacity.

Even though the following tutorials might not be for your exact program, I encourage you to read through them. I have learned a lot of tips over the years by reading tutorials that were not written for the program I am using.