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We’re running a few days behind around here, due to the wonderful unknowns of life, but I didn’t want to miss the opportunity to spotlight someone near and dear to me — THE DAILY DIGI’s own Steph.  She is the master behind FONTOLOGIE fonts and she is a huge help to me in running this site.  I have been privileged to know her for the last three years and I wanted to make sure you got to know her a bit too!   Before we get into it, though, a few “housekeeping” items!

  • First of all, let me say that I am so glad to be back with you!  Thank you so much for all of your support over the last few days.  Our sweet little girl is still running a fever but her spirits seems to be up so we are hoping for the best!  I would love to be able to put that thermometer away for a while…it sure has gotten a workout!
  • Second, I want to apologize for the delay of THE DIGI FILES 3.  Between a designer having computer issues and my unplanned absence, things were running behind.  But we are getting set and they will go live today! I am really excited to share with you all the amazing stuff our designers came up with!

Okay…on to the good stuff!

Here is the really cool font that Steph created for THE DIGI FILES 2 (please note that this link will take you to TDF3 once they are loaded).


Isn’t it fun?  I adore stamped fonts…they just add something so cool to a page!  I have been working on adding some of my favorite inspiration quotes to have near my desk and here is one I made using this font (and that cool paper is from THE DIGI FILES 3 😉


I just love all the little imperfections in it…I think that is totally my scrapping style…perfectly imperfect 🙂


NAME: Steph…otherwise known around the digi world as “islandmom”.  This is what Steph has top say about it, “I  live on an island, but not a warm and tropical one, unfortunately, and that’s how I came up with islandmom.”


BLOG: Islandmom


It was something that really intrigued me, so I decided to try it and became addicted rather quickly.


I made my very first font in February 2007 and started Fontologie in April (on my sons birthday).  This winter I added a line of alphas called ‘Alphologie’.


I am both but, definitely a scrapper at heart and try to remember that and make time for it!


More than I want to admit…haha!  People often ask me how long it takes me to do a font, I am slower than a lot of fontolgists I think, it can take me hundreds of hours to design a font from start to finish.


Hmmmmm…..I probably have 3 top faves. Giggles, Doodle Dance (because I drew it all myself in Illustrator), and Taylor MacKenzie (that is free at fontologie.com).





I was actually surprised when I looked up this information that my most popular products are Journal Away



1. When I tell my kids I love them and they say, “I know!”
2. When my daughter tells me she is lucky to have me for a mom (aren’t *I* lucky?)
3. Doing things to help other people
4. When my kids are happy
5. Going out to dinner with my husband
6. Spending time with good friends and my extended family (love that)
7. Going to a movie (in the theater)
8. Getting a new gadget (electronic or camera)
9. Scrapping
10. Creating something new (font, alpha, anything)


1. When I’m feeling grumpy
2. when I over commit myself
3. the foghorns that wake me up when it’s foggy outside
4. when I go to the grocery store but forget to buy the thing I went there for in the first place
5. when my computer is running slow (which it seems to do a lot these days)
6. when I have to restart my computer (see above)
7. when I decide to make something for dinner but am missing ONE ingredient for it
8. there aren’t enough hours in the day to do everything I want
9. when I can’t sleep at night because I can’t stop thinking about all the things I need to do
10. when the grocery store is out of something on my list


It should come as no surprise that I LOVE Steph’s Fonts.  Her font GIGGLES was the reason we ended up working together on this site.  I was writing her for permission to use it in the logo and things just snowballed from there.  I love that her fonts are all so unique…and SO FUN!  I also love how most of them come in different versions (like all of the ones below).  And just so you know — most of these fonts come in a PERSONAL and a COMMERCIAL version! So let’s peak at a few more of my favorites!





Thanks so much, Steph, for all you do here at THE DAILY DIGI and for being a part of this months sponsors!

Here is a coupon for our readers!

tdd-couponThis coupon is good for PERSONAL use products only!  Thanks!