Hybrid Help – So Lucky


I really wanted to do something FUN and Special for the people I love for St. Patrick’s Day. Even though I don’t necessarily believe in luck too much, I do love this saying for St. Patty’s Day and wanted to make use of it for a fun project. This is a super easy hybrid project and if hybrid makes you a little nervous (ahem, I know a lot of people that would fit in that category), it is a great project to start with!

I created a 5×7 template for this project that you can download below. When you open the template, you will see a blue line (guide) in the middle, thid is your fold line. This line will help you keep your text below the fold. You can get rid of it (or turn it on if you don’t see it) by going to view>guides.


I used the papers, alpha, and the font that are included in The Digi Files 2 (I thought Kate’s alpha was PERFECT for this project)! I made one for friends and then another more general one for the members of my family.



Here are the supplies you will need for the hybrid part, after printing (plus your favorite brads or buttons):


Here’s what I did:

1) I marked the halfway point on the long side of my ‘So Lucky’ print (at 3.5″).

2) I used my exacto knife around the edges of the scribbles on the top part of the clover leaf. Since there are scribbles traced around the outside edges, you don’t need to be perfect, if you aren’t exactly on the lines, no one will know the difference.

3) I folded the card in half along the marks I made earlier.

4) I added some heart shaped brads to the center of the clover.

5) I used my corner rounder (I left one of them square so you can see the difference).

6) I added some treats to the inside of the paper bag.

7) I folded over a few inches of the paper bag and put the ‘So Lucky’ card/topper over the folded edge of the bag.

8) Lastly, I stapled the card/topper to the bag with some lime green staples 🙂

Okay, if you want to make some of these little goodie bags for the people you love in your life, grab this template here and then go grab The Digi Files 2 (if you haven’t already)! It will only take a few minutes to make these lovelies! 🙂


You can grab that template HERE from Gigasize.


P.S. Gina at Digital Design Essentials has a very fun, new kit available through today for a GREAT deal!

P.S.S Melissa Bennett has an AWESOME grab bag in her store that you do NOT want to miss!! Happy 1st anniversary Melissa!