One of the Coolest Things I own


This past summer I made a very impulsive purchase, but one that I love. I was reading about different camera equipment and saw something about a Remote Control Timer. I have had a small hand help remote and I had read things about a cable release cord, but I didn’t know anything about this. I was intrigued!


I purchased the Canon TC80N3 Timer Remote Control which worked for my camera (a Canon 20D). This is both a remote control and a timer. According to the description, it can be used as a “self-timer, interval timer, long-exposure timer, and exposure count setting feature. The timer can be set anywhere from 1 sec. to 99 hrs., 59 min., 59 sec.” Basically, what it means is that you can use it as a regular self timer (so you can take your own photos without having to RUN to get into place. You can also use it as a long exposure camera (so if you are taking pictures of something that needs a long exposure time you aren’t stuck holding down the shutter button) and my personal favorite — the interval timer.

You can set the camera to take pictures at set times. You can take photos as fast as 1 a second (great for getting a bunch of great group shots while people chat and get into place). You can also set it for longer and record amazing things like watching a day lily bloom or watching snow accumulate on your deck. The possibilities are endless!

The day I was MOST excited to have this remote was Christmas morning. I really wanted to be a part of the day rather than just being behind the camera. So, I set the camera on a tripod, set it on auto (see, there are times when auto mode is a good choice), and set the timer to take a photo once a minute. I let it go all morning long! I still had my other camera with me to take close up shots, etc., but really, I was able to sit back and enjoy the day and know it was being preserved! It even caught this shot — you kind of forget that the camera is still going!

n734255764_1353488_3558Mommy Kissing Santa Claus

I encourage you to check it out and save your pennies. There are so many ways this product can be used! (Just make sure you get the right one for your camera!)