I’m Inspired…


I am in the middle of a MUCH needed vacation right now.  This is the first time I have been away from my family more than just a day or two.  I’m hanging out in Manila (the Philippines) and enjoying time with good friends, good food, and no kids.  The no kids part leaves me with MUCH more time on my hands than I am used to, so I am ready to scrap.  I searched the galleries for some inspiration and I wasn’t disappointed!  Here is what I found. Be sure to click on the pictures to see the full credits!


I love this layout by sbaird.  She did an amazing job with layering lots of elements but without cluttering the page. I love the yarn sun and the rainbow colored papers.


This layout by babycake is great! The look on the little girls face is PRICELESS and I love the yellow and greens. They give the page a feeling of the happy innocence of childhood which downplays the title of “Guilty.” To me, it says she may be guilty but she is still as sweet and light as ever!


What a fun layout by jleigh76.  As part of her PROJECT 365 she documented the family’s TV schedule. What a great thing to document…I am always hearing about shows my parents used to like!


This layout by angels is fantastic.  I love the blocks of paper and she did a fabulous job with the realism of her elements.


I love the artistic feel of this gorgeous layout by flipflop.  The artist papers really help to convey her theme of the artistry of God.


This colorful LO by scubalaola is so fun and childlike.  I think that is the bluest tongue I have ever seen!


This sweet LO is by Star74.  I just ADORE the title work and the little frog hopping of the page is so stinkin’ cute!


And now I want to highlight two particular galleries that have inspired me.

First is pne123.  I have enjoyed looking through her gallery so much!  It is obvious that she cherishes telling the story through her journaling and her perfectly imperfect style is near and dear to my heart. She makes great use of elements and really uses color to help tell her story.  It was hard to choose, but I picked three layouts from her gallery to share.


This layout beautifully shares a tough story about her daughter and the after effects of surgery.  Scrapping the hard times in life is hard but they are part of our story.  I am so impressed with what she has done here.


This layout is incredible.  The colors and design are inspiring, but what I love more is the cropped pictures of her daughter.  By choosing four up-close pictures of the girl’s face from different ages you can really focus on the way she has changed — and yet stayed the same — over time.


This perfectly designed layout shares the story about a stage in her son’s life — the chewing phase.  Our kids have all gone through it but how much of we captured it in our albums?  I love the close up photo and the layering of the title and pieces of paper.

Thanks so much, pne123 for inspiring me!


The second gallery that I spent a lot of time in is my3hens.  Her style is much different than my own scrapping style but that doesn’t mean I don’t LOVE what she makes.  I am totally inspired by what she does and am amazed at how she uses digital techniques.  Extraction of photos is a really “in” thing to do right now and this artist really sets the stage for doing it well. She chooses wisely and uses the extracted photos as well as other artistic/fantasy items to really help tell her story.  If I could scrap like this, I would!


This layout has got to be one of my most favorite LO’s EVER!  I have never seen extraction work done so well and for such a purpose. This is truly a case of “a photo speaks 1000 words!”  The details are just AMAZING (check out the paint on the wall and the water spilling out of the fridge!) and I totally can “feel” what it is like living with her two year old!  This needs to be printed BIG and framed in the little one’s room!


I just love this LO.  Orange is not a color I know how to use well so it inspires me to see other people use it. I also love how the head shots are in the clouds — totally reemphasizes the topic of the layout — imagination.


Without realizing it, I chose another “head in the clouds LO — this one with the title to go with it!  I just adore how she used her elements and design to tell a story — not just to add more stuff to a page.  I just see a little girl with imagination bursting out of her little mind.  The dreams, the fantasies, the stories of a child’s world are represented here.  How wonderful!


Thank you to all of these amazing artists for inspiring me this week!  If you write to me at janet AT thedailydigi DOT com and tell me your layout was featured, I’ve got a coupon for you!

Keep scrapping.  Keep being inspired.  Keel following your heart.  Your art will follow.