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THE DAILY DIGI is so happy to bring you an amazing designer this month…AMANDA HEIMANN.  I love Amanda’s great color palettes and clean designs.  I hadn’t scrapped with her stuff before and now I am just looking through her store trying to decide what I want.  I think you will LOVE what you see!  We are also going to get to know her a bit better, but before we do, let’s look at the gorgeous kit she contributed to THE DIGI FILES 2.


Isn’t this amazing? I just LOVE it.  I created a page with it right when I got it (shown previously).  This kit is just PART of the HUGE collection of designs you can get for just $5.00 in THE DIGI FILES 2.  You’ve got two weeks left!  After that, this kit and everything go into the designers stores for regular market value.

Okay, let’s get to know Amanda!

alittleabout-copy6Name:  Amanda Heimann
Hometown:  lived in Texas my whole life, mainly in the Houston area
Family: My husband and number one fan is Billy and we have two young boys (Garrett- 6 and Lance-4) , one dog and will soon have a new puppy.

My Store at Scrap Orchard

My Blog


I started designing out of boredom.  I was in a scrapping funk and was browsing tutorial sites.  I came across a tutorial and tried it.  I was hooked!  After that it became a challenge to see what I could do.  Scrapping still gives me my creative release that I need but designing fulfills something that scrapping couldn’t reach.  I am able to contribute financially to our family while staying at home and have fun doing it!


I began designing almost 2 years ago.


Both!  But designing gets more of my time.


Way too much!  I really do not have set hours that I work and I do not keep track of them.  Our schedule is always changing and I sneak in as much time as possible.  I would say at least 40 hours a week.


Today it is Come Out and Play that is available at Scrapper’s Guide.  But my favorites are always changing!



It is a tie between my Give It To Me Straight Ribbons and My BACKS




1. My Family
2. Squeaky kisses from my little boy
3. Dr. Pepper
4. The moment my husband walks in the door
5. When my boys cooperate for photos
6. A new tube of Chapstick
7. My iPhone
8. The beach
9. Family vacations
10. Anything pink!


1. My husband’s alarm
2. When my boys do not cooperate for photos
3. Dryer lint
4. A dirty kitchen sink
5. SpongeBob Squarepants
6. Flocks of birds creep me out
7. Sippy cups left in the playroom
8. The Sham Wow guy- Vince Offer
9. When the cable stutters and I have to reset the internet
10. A glass of water without ice in it

Now that we have had a peek into Amanda’s life, let’s take a peek at her store!  You won’t be disappointed!

(all images are clickable)







And here are some pages made with her designs!


Isn’t all of her stuff gorgeous??  I just love the bright and happy color palettes…so perfect for happy and bright pages!  Head on over to her store to pick some of this up.  And use this coupon for 25% off!


Thank you so much, Amanda, for being with us at THE DAILY DIGI this month.  We are glad to have gotten to know you a bit better and are loving your fun and fresh designs!