ABC’s and 123’s

Ten years ago when I (Steph) had my first toddler, I wanted to make an ABC Album for her, but I never got around to it. I didn’t ever get around to it with my second toddler either. Finally, a couple of months ago, I finished my first ABC album for my THIRD toddler. Seeing how much my daughter has enjoyed it, sent me on a quest for anything ABC or 123 and I found some really fun goodies! 🙂


First, let me share my ABC album I made for my toddler. I used an ABC album template set by Janet (no longer available) as my foundation. I used papers and embellies from various kits that coordinated with the photos and I also used the ABC border from Amanda’s “Coconut Tree” kit as a clipping mask on each page.

When the album was finished, I printed out an 8×8 and two 4×4 complete albums (at Costco on the 12×36 canvas, matte finish). I put the 8×8 and one of the 4×4’s in actual albums and then the above photo is what I did with the other 4×4. After trimming, I glued the layouts back to front and then laminated (made it toddler proof), punched a hole and put them on a ring. Lastly, I tied ribbons around the ring.

My daughter hauls this everywhere with her and will often ask me to find mommy, daddy, or elmo. It has been so rewarding for me to see her love this album and makes it worth every minute I spent on it!

You can find that cute ABC border in this kit by Amanda:

amandacoconuttreeEven though Janet’s ABC album that I used is no longer available, don’t lose heart! She added a SUPER CUTE new one to this issue of the The Digi Files! This new template set almost makes me want to do another ABC album! 🙂


If you would like to do an ABC album, but want to make it even faster, this is a great help! Just add some pictures and maybe a few embellishments:


One of the hardest parts of doing my daughter’s ABC album was coming up with words for each letter. How about some suggestions for some of the letters? THIS SITE has links to many lists for everything from baby ABC’s to Disney and occupations!

One of my favorite ABC projects I found while shopping is this one by Mel Wilson:


I also liked this 123 project, I love the little rhymes that help kids remember how to write the numbers:


I think this combo pack has a lot of potential with different games and albums:jlarsen-abcbooks-pr-6

And the numbers too:


Lastly, I think these would make a great memory game and since they are already sized 4×6, you could just upload them to be printed as they are and get double prints and you are ready to go (could it get any easier?!)


So many fun, fast, and easy projects for the little ones that we love so much! Have fun going hybrid! 🙂