MORE WITH FOUR — month 2

We’re back with the MORE WITH FOUR challenge. Here we challenge four scrappers to scrap with just FOUR products! The rules are limiting, the challenge daunting, and the results are spectacular! Check out this months challenge:


Scrappers were give just four products — all from THE DIGI FILES 2. The products they used were:

1. The papers from Doris Castle’s SUNDAY LOVE kit

2. The flower elements from Kate Hadfields SPRING GREENS element set

3. The alpha from Misty Cato’s HIGH FLYING kit

4. Frames from Amanda Heimann’s TRULY YOURS kit

And here are the rules:

  • You will be given four digital products.
  • You are to create a layout or hybrid project using these four products only
  • In addition to these items you can use paint/inking, paper tears or tearing actions, and fonts (NOT other alphas).
  • You can alter the items shown as long as the item is still recognizable.
  • You need to use some of each of the items.

I can tell you from the emails I received that this challenge wasn’t easy! When we usually have endless amounts of product sitting on our hard drives, it is easy to go and search through our stash for exactly what we need. But when we are limited to just four products, it forces us to approach a page differently. We have to look at what we have and think about what can be done with it. If there is something that we want for our page but it isn’t there, we have to think about how to make it. If we have something that isn’t the right color, we have to think about how we can change that.

Digital scrapbooking is full of so many possibilities. We are not limited by size, color, amount, or intended purpose. Instead, we can resize, recolor, reuse, and recycle! Don’t get stuck in a rut…try the MORE WITH FOUR challenge and see how it stretches you!

Here is what our scrappers came up with!

sunshine2extra supplies : paint brushes by Nancy Rowe Janitz at Scrapartist

Noel Culbertson (hybrid scrapper and one of my fellow Scrapbooker of the Year ’07 finalists) made this fun and peppy page for her daughter. Here is what Noel had to say about this challenge:

There is something so invigorating about someone handing you a pile of supplies and asking you to go nuts! I love how limiting your supplies can really spark your creativity. For me limiting supplies helps me focus on bringing out what is special to me in the photo, which is what scrapbooking is all about, right?

I recolored Amanda’s leaf flourish by resizing one of Misty’s letters, and grouping them together to make it look like the flourish went with the alphabet. Then I duplicated the alpha layers and selected the multiply blending mode to darken them up a bit. To unify the sketched look of the flowers, I held control & clicked the layer to select it (the scallops, frame and leaf flourish), then went to Select > Modify > Contract and chose 7px. Then, with the selection tool selected, I right clicked and selected Stroke Outline, and 5px. This gave them the look of being outlined with a pen. The lines around the photo were from outlining the frame, contracting it about 44px, stroke outlining and resizing it over the photo .”

WHAT YOU CAN TRY: To imitate the look of a hand drawn pen outline, try adding a stroke layer to frames or elements

kas_grandmasgarden_98_webFonts: Pea XOXO from Karen and Rub This

Jacki created this gorgeous, feminine layout about her daughter. I love the dreamy feeling to the photo! Here is what Jacki had to share:

I played with opacity for this LO. For the large photo I did “overlay” and moved opacity to about 90%. I used the dodge tool to make some of the frames look more aged. I also played with opacity on some of Kate’s flowers to add them around the edge. The journaling is about a tribute to my MIL who died several years ago. She took this photo of Kassy without me knowing. That sweet baby girl sat patiently with a hat on for grandma (says a lot about her disposition)! I comment on her garden and how she’s no longer here to tend it and her growing grandchildren.”

Jacki also says, “I challenge myself that when I do CT stuff or challenges at shops to actually scrap a photo from the past I haven’t scrapped yet so that I’m building the albums for the kids, not just creating something for someone else. Not always easy. This was a scanned photo from 1998!”

WHAT YOU CAN TRY: Leave the current photos where they are and go dig up something from the past. Most of us have only been digi scrapping for a few years, but the memories go back so much father!


Kayleigh created this gorgeous page with a letter to her husband. I love the photo and how she used her own handwriting on the layout. Here is what Kayleigh had to say about the challenge:

I had lots of fun playing with those items & it was fun to step out of my box a little bit. Since there was no stitching and I always put stitching on my pages, I used a dashed line to immitate the look. I re-coloured the frame & added a white stroke to the inside & outside of it to make it pop off the page. I also added a stroke to the flower & a deep shadow to make it look like it was raised off the page (like a paper scrapper would use a pop dot). I often use buttons or brads on my pages as well & since those were not included in the fabulous four items I used the dot to the letter ‘i’ to create an embellishment. I also took the small letter ‘l’ & enlarged it to create the cardboard piece beside the dark paper. I also incorporated my own font into the page, which is my very own handwriting called XXL-Kayleigh W. I also lightened the beige paper turned it vertically to make the lines draw your eye into the grouping. The green paper is re-coloured as well.

Journaling: Dear Eric, I love this photo of us on our wedding day so carefree & in love. Ready to take on marriage hand & hand. We had no idea of the challenges we would be faced with in our 1st year of marriage. We didn’t know that you would almost be killed in a car accident on a warm sunny day. We didn’t know that we would be faced with my back pain during my pregnancy. But we made it through it all, together. Stronger & more in love than this day. Our day. Kayleigh

WHAT YOU CAN TRY: Rotate a paper 90 degrees to get a totally different look and feel!


One of our scrappers had a change of plans and wasn’t able to participate as she would have liked. So, I jumped at the opportunity to challenge myself. I enjoy scrapping challenges because they give me some direction. Sometimes when I want to scrap I feel so overwhelemed with all the photos, all the kits and elements, all the choices. I don’t know where to start and so I often don’t! By having a specific set of guidelines, I have a starting point and can let the rest flow from there.

WHAT YOU CAN TRY: Why not try a photo-less page? Not all of our stories have a photo. Instead, use the papers and elements to convey the feeling and theme of the layout.

So there you have it…how four scrappers did MORE WITH FOUR. And now it is your turn! Just comment in this thread with a link to a MORE WITH FOUR layout page and you will have a chance to win coupons (yes that is plural!) from some of our participating designers. For every LO that features the full MORE WITH FOUR challenge, your name will be entered into the draw three times. For everyone who does a NEW layout using one of the “what you can try” challenges, your name will be entered once. ENTRY DEADLINE: Friday, February 27th. Good luck and I can’t wait to see what you come up with!