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We are so incredibly THRILLED to have Kate Hadfield with us this month at THE DAILY DIGI!  Kate is known for her gorgeous handdrawn and creative elements.  I remember when I first used her doodled paper alpha (when she was giving it away for free).  I just kept thinking how AMAZING it was!  She has truly borught in a breath of fresh air in digital designs and we know that you are going to be so excited to see everything she has done!  Kate is just so sweet and heartfelt.  We worked together for a long time at the DIGI DARES and I just love who she is.  I am sure you will too!  But before we get to know her a bit better, lets look at the AMAZING element set she contributed to this months THE DIGI FILES.


Isn’t it just GORGEOUS?  I just love all the bright and happy colors!  I had to use it RIGHT AWAY when I saw it!


(papers also from THE DIGI FILES 2 and staples and stitched border are by Shabby Princess)


NAME: Kate Hadfield
FAMILY: I live with my wonderful husband and two gorgeous kids in Cheshire, England.
STORE: The Lilypad
BLOG: What Katie Scrapped


It was a bit of an accident really! I wanted a specific type of paper element for a page I was working on and couldn’t find anything in the shops so decided to try making it myself. I really enjoyed the creative process (I hadn’t really done much crafting since taking up digiscrapping) and it all went from there. I ended up making some more bits and pieces and gave them away on my blog.


About two years now. I’ve been scrapping for about three.


Definitely both. One of my resolutions this year is to make more time for myself to scrap. For some reason I find it difficult to mix the two, I’ll have periods when I scrap a lot but don’t design and then other times I’ll design but not scrap. Designing for me is a more hands-on process where I get to be messy and play with paints and pencils, scrapping is more about “me time” where I can relax and be creative without having to clean up the mess afterwards! I need to work on being able to swap between the two more easily.


Hhmm, this really depends on whether you count hanging around the forums and on Facebook as “marketing”…LOL I spend most evenings on the computer along with probably an hour or two in total in short bursts throughout the mornings, depending on what my son is doing that day. I try to catch up on emails and other correspondence then  (the time difference between the US and the UK usually means I wake up to a full inbox and have a couple of hours of quiet before more emails come in!) and then do some crafting or drawing during the afternoons if possible. Evenings are for scrapping or the computerized part of my design work.


Ooh this is a tough one! It’s usually the last product I finished, but The Funky Junky series of collabs with Rachel Young and Michelle Godin are some of my all time favourites. Rachel and Michelle are great fun to work with and I’m so proud of the versatile, eclectic kits we’ve made together.

funkyjunkyhfhFunky Junky Home for the Holidays

funkyjunky1Funky Junky


I think my alphabets are probably my best sellers, these three in particular:

1. Candy Caney Alphacandycaney-01

2. Scruffy and Stripey Alpha_khadfield_scruffyandstripey

3. Spotty Dotty Alpha_khadfield_spottydottyalpha


1. My hubby and kids
2. The smell of fresh rain on spring leaves
3. Chocolate
4. Watercolour pencils and a fresh pad of pastel paper
5. Christmas
6. Days out with the kids (especially to the local zoo, this trip is probably more for me than them…LOL)
7. Sunflowers
8. Singing really loudly (and badly) and dancing round the house with the kids, especially to the High School Musical soundtracks (shhh, don’t tell anyone)
9. London art galleries
10. Being by the sea


1. Cold calling and door-to-door salespeople
2. Rudeness
3. The dreaded “Photoshop is not responding” message when I haven’t saved anything for an hour
4. Men rolling up the sleeves of their suit jackets
5. Cold, wet, grey and dismal weather (also known as “British summertime”)
6. Baked beans and mashed potato
7. Drivers who don’t indicate when turning
8. The kids putting empty cereal packets back in the cupboards
9. My scanner when it decides it only wants to scan one square inch of the scanner bed
10. Early morning wake-ups


Now let us go peek at the gorgeous stuff in Kate’s store!  I had SUCH a hard time choosing.  I seriously could post EVERY product in her store and say I LOVE it and I WANT it!  But alas, if you wanted to see everything in her store you could just go there.  So, I limited myself to eight.  *sigh* (some products are collabs with Jacque Larsen and all images are clickable)









See what I mean?  HOW can anyone choose?  I want it ALL!  At least this will help!


Thanks, Kate, so much for being with us.  Your creativity and talent are truly amazing!