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Ha ha…I couldn’t resist putting our little name there in the spotlight.  We aren’t really doing a sponsor spotlight, since I think you know all about us as a site, but I did want to show you what we contributed THE DIGI FILES 2 (affectionately referred to by Steph and I as TDF2 — I seriously feel like I am speaking in some sort of cool code 🙂 )

As much as I usually get bored of things, I have not yet tired of the look of THE DAILY DIGI.  When I was designing the site, I had something else in mind. I was working hard on a site design when I saw the image of the folders on istockphoto. I fell in love with the colors and threw out everything I had been working on and started over.  And you know what?  I still love it. I love the colors.  I love the design.  And anyone who knows me knows I LOVE the font — Giggles by Fontologie @ Scrapbook Graphics.  That font is actually how Steph and I teamed up on this site — I was asking permission to use the font and everything just steam rolled from there!

Anyway (sorry, I am rambling today), because I love the design so much I wanted to create something that I could use for my scrapping.  I wanted to keep with the “DAILY” theme of the site, so I created an “EVERYDAY” element set.


This set includes 51 pieces PLUS an alpha and number set. It also includes blanks of the glass buttons and alpha pieces so you can create your own. I also included my sweet little heart that I use for a signature in my posts. Nothing fancy (I am NOT a designer)…just something fun with the cool site colors and Steph’s awesome font 🙂  We hope you enjoy!  Here are a few more things I have done with the set…( I keep trying to find excuses to use it 🙂



With four kids, a full time work-at-home job, and all of the other things life throws at me, I needed SOME way of starting to keep track of some things.  I feel like I am forgetting more than I am remembering lately.  So I created some easy calendars for myself.  The weekly one will be printed out each week, leaving on the stuff that happens every week (PE days, library days, etc) and then will add in other things as they come up.  For the monthly page I used a template from my 2009 calendar set. The full calendar set isn’t available anymore but if you want the basic page you can download it HERE. It already has the days of the week in the Giggles font, so it worked well!


I also did one other quick page (the paper is by Jen Wilson)


We hope you are enjoying THE DIGI FILES 2 so far…we are SO excited to show you everything inside.  Be sure to check out “LOOKING FOR” page (it has been updated) and submit those TDF2 layouts and more!  And be sure to check back tomorrow when the requested “eye sharpening tutorial” is shared!


P.S.  We want to wish a SWEET congratulations to the following winners of the SWEET SHOPPE DESIGNS comment contest!  Woo Hoo!  Email me at janet AT thedailydigi DOT com to claim your prize!


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