With Lots of LOVE…


Awww…it’s Valentine’s Day.  I know most people have mixed feelings about this day.  Some LOVE it.  Some dread it.  Some hate the commercialism of it. Some are too busy eating chocolates to notice.  The day has come to mean many things for many people, but for most, the one thing we can agree on is that it is about LOVE. Usually, this means love for a significant other.  However, for me, since having kids it is a day about love for anything and anyone.  I love to celebrate love.  The people, the places, the things I love. It is a day to reflect and cherish my life.

As I have looked through the submissions for our call for LOVE PAGES, I can see that you all love to love too!  It has been amazing to look at all your layouts and read your journaling and learn about the things that make you happy.  I so wish I could post everyone’s layout!  They were all so beautiful and so heartfelt!  But, we would be here all day if I did that and I know that on a day like Valentine’s Day, most of you have other plans.  So I went through and chose a variety of layouts.  There are layouts from people who have been scrapping a long time and some from digital newbies.  There are those who celebrate their love of their spouse and some for their love of a musician.  Look through these layouts and be inspired! (Please excuse the lack of credits on some of the pages.  I have since revamped our submission guidelines and approval process so that we are able to post full credits to all layouts).

Okay, now on to the LOVE…


What’s not to LOVE about this page from Leslie?  The layered LOVE letters with the “O” being a photo in the shape of a heart is genius!  I also like how she made the photo black and white to make it pop against all the color! (credits: White Almond Kiss by ah! Designs, Holiday Helpers: Valentine LOVE tag book by Cafe J, photo by Julie Burleson)


I LOVE the design of this layout by Christine. The wrapped paper shapes and the little black and white photo are so fun! (credits: All papers and shapes from Shy Guy by Queen of Quirk. Hearts on strings by Lili from For Mom collab at Scrap Artist. Heart from Acrylic Shapes by Nancie Rowe Janitz.  Bracket Stitching by Emily Merritt @ {we are} storytellers.Font is Another Typewriter.)


How cool is this layout by Brittany?  Here is celebrates her love of musician TOBY MAC.  I LOVE the fun colors and thought bubble with all the reasons to LOVE the music!  The numbers on the side are super cool too! (credits: My Boy Wonder collab – Emily Powers + Jenna Desai (WST) kraft paper – Amy Wolff (TLP), drop shadows – Traci Murphy (FPD) )


This sweet layout is a gift from Alex to her husband Mark for Valentine’s Day.  I LOVE how she included similar photos from different seasons.  This emphasizes her theme of “through the seasons of life.” (credits: Splendid by Shabby Princess and Lighter Shades of Pale by Michelle Coleman)


This layout by Ina is so full of beautiful color and richness.  It celebrates the love she feels for her not-yet-born child. I couldn’t LOVE it more!  Here is journaling in case you can’t read it: It continues to amaze me that God allows us to play a part in the process of creation. From a tiny seed within each of us forms a miracle that is more than the sum of its parts. Then it is nurtured within me as new life begins to grow. And while the nurturing occurs, so does the love begin to blossom. How can you love someone you’ve never seen and haven’t met yet? You just do, more than life itself.” (Credits: By Jofia Devoe: Artist Workshop, Painted with the Autumn Sun, Time of Joy, Christmas Warm Different Strokes by FeiFei Stuff; Fonts: MOnbijoux, PeaSteph)


This sweet page by Michelle is a tribute to her little boy.  I LOVE all the little circles in oh-so-fun colors! (credits: Freebie Template 13 by Chrissy W, All You Need Is Love by Dani Mogstad, Zoo Day by Gina Cabrera, Font is CK Ali’s Writing)


I just LOVE this layout by Gabi.  That photo is totally priceless and the words are to a favorite song (they celebrate the carefree nature of kids and their desire to be happy). (Credits: beaded Strings by Lili (ScrapArtist), BG Paper from Greyson Kit by Micheline Martin (ScrapArtist), Frame, Lace and Measuring Tape from Country Chic by Laurie Ann (ScrapArtist), Shmootzy Mod Florishes by Nancie Rowe Janitz (ScrapArtist), Tab from Ribbon Bin Satin Striped by Amber Clegg (ScrapArtist), Wordbits from Flight of Fancy Kit (May Collab @ ScrapArtist), Butterfly from Once Upon A Dream Kit by Lili and Emily Merritt (ScrapArtist),Bow from Awakening of Spring by Edeline (TDC), Fonts: Bebete and DJB MERRY.

This is a super cool layout by Holly!  It is a tribute to all of the pets she has had (and LOVED!)   I LOVE how she has all of their photos and dates of when she had them.  Such a cool way to document such and important part of life (and LOVE!) (Credits: papers by Jen Wilson, Worn Overlays by Danielle at Catscraps, Stitched frame by Amy Hutchinson
Photo cluster frame by Katie Pertiet, Flowers by Annie Manning, Leaves by Shabby Princess, Ribbon by Christina Renee, Fabric hearts and antique button by Michelle Coleman, Yellow flower and blue heart bling borders by Amy Wolff for Lilypad BYOC, Pets alpha by Dani Mogstad, Loved alpha by Holly Designs, Loved glass button by Amber Clegg for Lilypad BYOC, Glitter heart by Gina Cabrera, Felt flower circle and title mat by Sweet Digi Scraps)


Look at this sweet moment, capture forever, by Sarah.  I just LOVE watching the interation of siblings and I know their whole family will cherish this layout for a long time!  I LOVE how she chose muted colors for the background to really let the photo pop!


If you are stuck on what kind of LOVE layouts you can create , try some of these ideas:

  • A tribute to your spouse
  • A Love Letter to your kids
  • A layout celebrating things you are loving right now
  • A fun page about your love of digi scrapping
  • A layout all about pets
  • Try a page about your favorite holiday
  • Celebrate your favorite foods
  • Write a love note to your favorite activities
  • Showcase your love of your wardrobe
  • Tell your parents what they mean to you
  • Tell and old friend how much you loved the times you had together
  • Talk about your best and/or worst Valentine’s Day
  • A layout about all the things you would love to do if you had all the time in the world

Life is full of things to LOVE!  Celebrate some of them today!