That is SO cool…

“What’s cool?” you ask. Well, lots of things are. Steph’s post from yesteday…um, WOW! That is some serious coolness. I can’t wait to get playing with all that amazing stuff. I did one layout the other day, but I can’t wait to do more with it. Stephanie (the other one) is so serioulsly talented and I can’t wait to use more of her gorgeous work!

There are also so other really cool things I have seen around the web. I really think you should pick up your jaw from the gorgeousness yesterday and be ready to see these cool things…

1. Reader (and good friend) Erika sent me a link to this site. If you are ever in the mood for color, Idee Labs is the place to be inspired! You can choose a color and it will pull images from Flickr that have that color in it. How about some yellow?


Now I can add some green…


And any true girl needs some pink…


What a great way to bring more color into you life! LOVE it!

2. Eye-Fi Wireless Camera SD from the Photojojo Site. Coolness doesn’t even begin to describe this!


Here is the desciption fro the website: Never scrounge around for a USB cable again! Eye-fi is a magical orange SD memory card that will not only store 2GB worth of pictures, it’ll upload them to your computer (All Eye-Fis), and to Flickr, Facebook, Picasa (or 14 others) (Eye-Fi Explore and Eye-Fi Share), even geo-tag them so you can see exactly where in the world you took the photo (Eye-Fi Explore) wirelessly, invisibly, automatically!

This little guy looks like a normal 2GB memory card and works with nearly any camera that takes SD memory. There are no antennas, no protrusions, no subscription fees, and no cables.

3. I found this cool frame on Kate Hadfield’s blog which she found via this blog. You can buy it HERE.


4. Scrapbook Pictures is having a sale for the next few days…I meant to mention this a few days ago but forgot and then was reminded on Amy Martin’s blog! I have done all of my printing with them and never once been disappointed. Their color is spot on and their shipping is FAST (often same or next day) and cheap (always just $2 regardless of the number of prints).

5. This really cool necklace. I LOVE it!


6. Something Blue Studios sells these cool little FLAIR FOR YOUR FRIDGE. I had great plans of making some of these for Chrsitmas, but never got around to it. But they are available all year, so why not do it now?


7. If you are looking for a fun AND meaningful Valentine’s project, check out this MAP OF YOUR HEART craft from Playful Learning. I can’t wait to do this with my kidlets.


8. THIS deal of the day tracker tracks sites (specializing in electronic gadgets, etc) that have special one-day only deals. What a great way to snag a good deal!

9. There is a really cool challenge going on at Hodge Podge Art this week. It is all about scrapping pictureless layouts. I love the idea of people breaking free of the “rules’ of scrapping. Just because we don’t have a picture doesn’t mean we don’t have a memory. I hosted a similar challenge last year at the Digi Dare site — this time using stock photos to help tell a story. You should get scrapping this week — without photos!

10. Well, I didn’t really have a tenth cool thing to show you. But since going from one to nine is like singing “Happy Birthday” and skipping the last line, I figured I should come up with a number ten. For those of you on Facebook (a place I spend much more time than I should) there is a great little survey of “25 random things.” The point is write 25 random things about yourself. I have LOVED reading everyones. I will spare you a repeat of mine, and instead, came up with a “25 random things about THE DAILY DIGI.”


1. I first thought of this site back in February of 2008. I revisited the idea in May but didn’t act on it due to various outside circumstances (some personal and some in the digi world)

2. In November I revisted the idea again but didn’t know how to make it work — have a site that paid for itself without being overrun with advertising. While sitting at a staff retreat on November 10 I got the idea of THE DIGI FILES. It would accomplish two purposes — paying for the site and being able to introduce new designers to scrappers without being tied to any one store.

3. I only wanted to promote designers and sites that I truly believed it, not just ones who were willing to pay for advertising spots. I wanted the site to be a place that people could trust for advice on who to buy from.

4. In December I decided that YES I would go for it (having no idea what I was getting into)

5. I contacted a number of people asking about designing the site/doing the tech stuff. I either go no reply or replies weeks later. Kathy Moore of the Blog Shoppe responded right away and remained with me every step of the way until the site was up and running. I would HIGHLY recommend her.

6. Steph joining the site was by “coincidence” but we both think it was much more than that.

7. Steph and I actaully got to meet face to face about a year ago. It was the day before I gave birth to Katelynn. That now makes me chuckle, because I remember the first time I ever met a digi friend in real life…I met Kellie (joelsgirl) just one day before I gave birth to Levi.

8. Up until about a week and a half before the site opened, I didn’t know when the opening day would be. I can be fickle but decided that I needed a deadline to get it done. January 1 seemed as good as any, and besides, I liked the tagline, “A new year and a new way to do digi.” That wouldn’t have sounded as good on a date like January 20.

9. I think i have the coolest job in the world (running this site and taking care of my four little beauties)

10. Within a week and a half of the site up and running, we had to move to a new server. We upped our bandwidth tenfold, and still ended up going down on January 31. We will have to move to a new server again. You crazy readers 🙂

11. As of the writing of this we have had 14, 656 unique visitors to this site with a total of 2,877,793 total hits and 155,665 page views. Glad to know you like it 😉

12. We have some GREAT designers lined up for months two and three. I CANNOT wait. You won’t be disappointed!

13. I am working on some templates for newsletter subscribers. I miss creating templates SO MUCH…need someone to give them to!

14. Steph makes a FANTASTIC partner in this…she is good at everything I am not (or don’t want to be good at). We both have lots of experience in the digi world but in really different areas.

15. Did you know that for a long time Steph was the “help” behind help AT shabbyprincess DOT com?

16. I have BIG dreams for this site and what it can do for the community. But I have to take one day, one week, and one month at a time. I am a dreamer that is learning to be a doer.

17. I read every single comment that comes through the site. I respond to those that I think need/want a response.

18. I get giddy when someone learns something new from the site. It makes the long hours and ridiculous number of cups of coffee worth it. (Okay, you caught me. The coffee is always worth it 😉 )

19. The hardest part of the doing the site was leaving Scrapbook Graphics (I LOVED being a part of that site) and leaving my last few creative teams. Of all my teams, I miss the Digi Dares and Shabby Princess the most.

20. Every day when I work on posts I am struck with the thought, “the internet is SO SO SOOOOOO cool!”

21. I used to think I was a good scrapper. Now I think I am average.

22. My husband reads my posts (almost) every day. I love that about him. He even knows who people are. He is quite current with all the news in the digi world 😉

23. I didn’t know how to take screen shots before opening this site. Now I know it’s really easy.

24. I have decided that I HATE Internet Explorer — especially 6 (It can’t view .png files which means anything with a transparent background has to be uploaded as a .gif file.) Sadly, 46.7 % of you are still using IE. I love you but that makes me sad. On the same note, only 11.9 % are on Macs. Do I need to do a post on that too? (kidding, people. Feel free to use whatever operating system and browser you want. Just don’t say I didn’t warn you 😉

25. I LOVE LOVE LOVE what this site is trying to do and although I know there are things we can improve on and there is so much more that can be done, I ALSO know that there is a big heart (two hearts) behind the site and what it wants to accomplish. I am excited for the future to reveal itself…to me and to you!