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THE DAILY DIGI is thrilled to have Jen Caputo with us this month!  Jen is the original template queen and seriously talented scrapper and crafter.  Over the years she has been heavily involved in the paper scrapping and digital scrapbooking communities, has served on tons of creative teams, has been published multiple times, has worked with Jessica Sprague on some special projects for Creating Keepsakes, and has been selling templates and other scrapping-helps…all the while working a full time job and doing some serious vacationing!  I have had to privilege of meeting Jen on a number of occasions and every time we have a blast. Even my kids love her!

Before we get a chance to know Jen a bit better, let’s take a look at the INCREDIBLE product she included in THE DIGI FILES.  Oh my!  This product alone is well worth the $5 (in fact, she originally told me it will probably go into her shop for around $10).  Jen created this really, REALLY cool hybrid Weight Loss Journal.



This journal is perfect for keeping track of your weight loss goals, progress, and more.  It has a 15 page pdf file with detailed instructions and photos!  It is filled with tracking sheets, recipe pages, shopping lists, and food lists, as well as pages for photos to show your progress and tabs for each month.  I LOVE this idea and totally plan on making one.  When I first did weight watchers, I remember scribbling my measurements and weights on scrap pieces of paper, never being able to find them.  What a great way to motivate yourself to stay on track!

Let’s get to know Jen!


I’m Jen Caputo and I live in Arlington Heights, IL (just outside of Chicago).  I grew up in Dearborn, MI and graduated from engineering school with a BS in Computer Engineering from the University of Michigan in 2002.  I live with my boyfriend of 7 years (Adam) and 2 cats (Kitty and Mr. Meowmers). I love good beer 🙂

STORE: Studio Jen at Scrapbook Graphics

BLOG: www.jencaputo.tpepad.com


I started creating sketch templates for myself when I wasn’t in the mood to scrap. After months of giving away my templates on my blog and trying to teach people how to use them and what they were to begin with, I managed to get myself a pretty loyal following of people who kept telling me I should sell them.    I took a chance and applied to Holly McCaig’s Plain Digital Wrapper as a template only designer (of which I believe I was the very first!)


The summer of 2006 is when I actually started selling (at the original Plain Digital Wrapper), I’d been designing templates and giving them away on my blog for a few months before that.  I’ve been at Scrapbook Graphics since March of 2007.


Both.  Although I’ve been doing much more hybrid scrapping than pure digi lately.  I use all of my products in my hybrid layouts!


Not nearly enough.  A year ago I would say probably 4 hours a day (and that was in addition to my full time job) but after buying my first house my designing/marketing time has gone way down hill so now I’m lucky if I get 4 hours a week.


My photo grid templates. I love the look a grid gives to a page and these make it super easy to print my pictures all at once for my hybrid layouts.



Text Paths Collection #1.  They are linked from Creating Keepsakes website and Jessica Sprague mentions them in one of her books so even 2 years after designing them I still sell one at least once a day.  It’s pretty crazy.

Currently though, my latest product — 365 Templates are selling like hotcakes. Fast than any of my template collections to date (it’s kind of a really good deal)


1. Adam
2. Beer
3. Lost
4. Papertrey Ink Rubber Stamps
5. Goat Cheese
6. Patty Griffin’s music
7, The color green
8. The Big Lebowski
9. Vodka & Soda w/lemon
10. My backyard


1. Smokers
2. Feet
3. Cleaning
4. the 8 month hiatus between Lost seasons
5. Tardiness
6. When my boyfriend says he’s leaving work at 6:15 and doesn’t leave until 7:50 on Lost season premiere night!
7. that eating really good food makes you fat
8. wine snobs (not wine drinkers, i like wine too, i just don’t like when people think wine is so superior to beer)
9. Chicago winters
10. The current economic crisis


Now let’s look at some of Jen’s other products. Jen is known for her clean lines and well thought out designs in her templates. She also has some really other innovative products!

jencaputo-collection16-copySKETCH COLLECTION 16

jencaputo-collection22-copySKETCH COLLECTION 22

jencaputo-textpaths3-copyTEXT PATH COLLECTION 3

jencaputo-tornoutandcurledrips-copyTORN OUT AND CURLED RIPS

jencaputo-concaveaction-copyJEN’S BENDS — Concave Photo Bend Action

And now let’s see some fabulous layouts made with Jen’s templates!


Thanks so much Jen for being a part of the DAILY DIGI this month.  Your weight loss journal is truly inspiring and all your products are amazing!  I hope some people were able to find a great new-to-them designer!

ETA:  My SINCEREST APOLOGIES for not getting this up when the post went live.  But Jen does have a coupon for you!