What’s in a Name?

Names.  We all have them.  We all use them.  They all have stories.

Before I had children, I thought that one of the best parts about being pregnant would be choosing a name for our baby.  Here would be my chance to forever give a name to another human being — a name that would stay with them for the rest of their life.  How cool!

Well, now I have been pregnant four times.  And I have decided that one of the worst parts about being pregnant is choosing a name!  How do I choose something that will stay with them for the rest of their life?  Where do I even begin?  Do I pick a family name? Do I just pick a name I like?  Do I pick a name deep with meaning?  And what if I like the name but everyone else hates it?  What if there are six other kids in his/her class with the same name?  How will I spell it?  What kind of nicknames can cruel little kids turn it into?  The questions are endless!

In the end, we chose four names that we love completely. They fit our children very well and I love how they have grown into their names.  I also love how their nicknames have evolved.  Each has their own story, each has their own origin.  And you know what?  These are stories that need to be told!

I am sure that you have “name” stories that are special to you as well.  Maybe they are about the names you chose for your children.  Maybe they are about the pet names you and your spouse have for each other.  Perhaps you had a nickname growing up that has a story.  Maybe your kids have nicknames and no one knows where they came from.  In any case, the stories of our names are important to tell.  People use our names multiple times a day.  They are part of who we are and how we are presented to the world.  They are stories worth telling.

So, for today’s The WRITE Way, I want you to tell a story about a name.  It can be any story you want to tell.  Just take it from your heart and share it with those you love. My family is full of names stories and I have been glad to start getting some of them out of my head and into my scrapbook!

levi_forweb1(Credits: Background paper by Gina Cabrera’s OFFICE ESSENTIALS), staple from the PAINTED SUMMER mini kit by Shabby Princess,  HAPPY DANCE  alpha by CD Muckosky at Little Dreamer Designs, brush strokes by Michelle Coleman at Little Dreamer Designs, template by Janet Phillips for THE DAILY DIGI).


(Credits: Back to the Basics Paper by Doris Castle at Scrapbook Graphics, Doodled Paper Alpha by Kate Hadfield, paw prints by Alana McArthey from her FELINE FUN Kit at SBG, template by Janet Phillips for THE DAILY DIGI).

If you need a jumpstart, you can download this template to get you thinking.  I love the fact that templates are just a launch pad — they help you get started but once you are going you are free to fly.

tdd_freebie2_previewDOWNLOAD TEMPLATE HERE


And, how about a cool NAME giveaway to go with the challenge?  Sally Molhoek (artist extraordinaire who just so happens to be my sister) is giving away a FREE SET OF WOODEN NAME LETTERS!  Just scrap a page with a story about a name (you don’t have to use the template), give us a link in the comments of this thread by Monday, and we will choose a winner.  How cool would it be to win a custom set of letters?  She is so, so talented (yes, I am very envious).  You will be able to choose from lots of designs (including a custom design) and there are a ton of font choices.  You can choose a ribbon hanging or a regular wall hanging.  If you want to see a lot more examples of her work or to place an order, you can see some more of her work HERE.





Good luck and Happy story telling!


P.S. The winners for the Fontologie gift certificates are:

Jenni (who had a great question that I will answer next)




Watch your inboxes! 🙂

P.S.S.  Some of you posted a similar question question about temporarily loading a font.  When you temporarily load a font using a manager, you do not need to restart Photoshop, you can load the font with PS already running and it will stay loaded until you 1) unload it or 2) close PS.  Isn’t that GREAT!?  I know I am pretty excited about it! 🙂