The WRITE way


I used to be an avid journaler. I probably have 15 filled journals that cover the years between high school and the first few years of my marriage. And then what happened? Well, kids happened. And all time for leisurely activities like journaling disappeared with my waistline.

Thankfully, less than two years after having kids I discovered the world of scrapbooking and I was able to rekindle my love for journaling. I may not fill entire notebooks with long entries of my days activities and feelings but I am able to record small snippets and feelings of my heart as I look back on moments and special days with the people I love. Journaling in my scrapbooks leaves a piece of me on every page and I see it as vitally important to the legacy I leave. More than the art and creativity, more than the photos I take…the WORDS I leave behind will last.

Here at THE DAILY DIGI we will be looking at THE WRITE way to journal. Notice I didn’t say the RIGHT way — there is no right or wrong. Instead, we want to show you the importance of the written word and help you learn to take feelings and thoughts and turn them into words. We will give you ideas, tips, tricks, and journaling prompts. We will inspire you with heart-felt journaling from around the community. We we will show the power of words and the void left without them. We will show you the WRITE WAY.

In order to get you thinking about the WRITE WAY to do things, I thought it would be good to point you to some great places of inspiration. Sometimes, we don’t even realize how much we have to say until someone asks us a specific question or gives us specific direction.

Here are a few great places to go to be inspired to get on the WRITE track:

1. {We Are Storytellers} is a digital scrapbooking site dedicated to helping people tell their stories. They are passionate about helping people realize they DO have story to tell and they CAN tell it. One of the really great things they have going on is a regular blog post called the Writer’s Notebook. Audrey Neal uses her love of the written word to teach and to inspire. It’s really amazing and I am looking forward to what she has to share as she goes through the book BREATHING IN, BREATHING OUT: Keeping a Writer’s Notebook.

2. Ali Edwards (Creating Keepsakes Magazine) is known for her passion for WORDS + PHOTOS. She encourages others to simplify the scrapping process and and remember that in the end, the WORDS + PHOTOS will be what will last. Subscribe to her blog for regular inspiration.

3. The One Minute Writer: This has got to be one of the coolest things out there. This blog carries with it the mantra, “You have 1440 minutes a day. Use one of them to write.” Each day there is a short journaling prompt. You are given one minute (there is even a timer!) for you to answer the question. Do this every day and your will be amazed at how much you learn about yourself and the importance of the written word.

If journaling is hard for you and you don’t quite know where to start, we will at times be giving some freebie templates to get you thinking. Use them as a springboard for your thoughts and interpret the prompts how you wish. The important thing is to get the words out and to leave a legacy.


Today’s free template is here to encourage you to write out what you are loving right now. Interpret this as you wish — I will be back tomorrow to show you what I did with it and I would LOVE see yours. Add a comment with a link to a LO you made using the template before Monday and two lucky scrappers will be getting some goodies!