Truly Inspirational


I miss living in the United States. Of course I LOVE living overseas (which is why we have been doing it for six of the nine years we have been married) but there are definitely some things I miss. Target, Fazoli’s, family. And I miss my magazines. I loved going to the mailbox every day hoping there would be a new scrap magazine waiting for me. If there was, I knew it was going to be a good day. A new magazine meant taking a nice long hot bath and sipping a hot cup of tea as I slowly looked through the magazine page by page. By the time I was  finished I was so inspired that I wanted to start scrapping RIGHT THEN. Seeing other peoples art, whether it be scrapbook layouts, projects, or photographs always inspires me to try new things and stretch myself in my own art.

Even though I no longer get my scrap magazines in the mail (sniff sniff) I can still be inspired. The online scrapping and photography communities are FILLED with amazing artists and creations. It doesn’t take long of perusing the galleries to feel that same rush of inspiration.

Here at THE DAILY DIGI we are committed to bringing you a fresh wave of inspiration. On TRULY INSPIRATIONAL days we will showcase layouts, projects, and photographs from around the community. We want you to see the talent and creativity that is around and to be inspired to push yourself in your own art. We’ll bring you the inspiration, but you will have to act on it.


The first week of the new year is almost complete. Seriously. Where does the time go? Before we know it school will be out for summer and we will wonder who tore out the calendar pages for February – June. But before the new year runs away from us, let’s make sure we commemorate the old one. I LOVE seeing Year in Review pages and albums. I love seeing how different people document their year. How can you sum up 365 days into ONE layout? Here’s how a few people did it: (please click on the links for the layouts to see full credits in the artists gallery).

Zenobia made this gorgeous layout. I love the muted colors with the pop of color.  I also adore her use of repeated circles and including the date as a major design element.


Supertwinkle is the mastermind behind this incredible piece of art.  I LOVE how many photos she included and her brush work is fantastic!


Over in the Digishoptalk gallery I spotted this layout by Daly.  This is a compilation of her 2008 Photo A Day photos.  Incredible to have half a years photos on ONE page!


Back at My Scrapbook Art I found this spin on a year in review page by Luciana Orikassa— her sons first year.  I adore the black and white photos along with the bright and happy papers.  What a fun way to see how her son grew during his first year


This layout by Crystalbella77 is so pretty.  I love the green paper and the acrylic overlay of the date.


SarahG made this great layout.  I love all the postage stamps and date stamps as well as the month-by-month recap of the year.


I love this two page layout from Islandmom (Steph).  It’s a good reminder that we have 525,600 minutes a year….525,600 moments….525,600 possible memories to create…what we do with them is up to us!


And finally, I am impressed with this layout by SarahMD.  She opened up in her journaling about the incredibly difficult year they had.  Not every year is a good year and those times and memories are worth documenting as well.  Don’t let a rough patch keep you from commemorating the year.



If you are hoping to do a year in review page or album and don’t know where to start, check out some of these template sets:

Jen Caputo has a YEAR IN REVIEW template over at SBG:


Katie Pertiet has this one over at Designer Digitals (includes dates for 2006-2008)


Gina Miller has this really popular year in review template:


Misty Cato has this cool double-pager at Sweet Shoppe Designs


Kelly Mize (now over at We Are Storytellers) has this great one out:


And finally, if you are looking for an album, here is one I put up a few months ago (but hurry, because Studio Janet closes on the 15th so I can focus all of my effort on this site).


So, how will you sum up your year?


For more inspiration on a regular basis, make sure you check out Gallery Standouts.  They point to some of the best layouts in the galleries (and it looks like we noticed some of the same layouts!). You are sure to be inspired!