Crafty Corner


In our house, craft days are good days. There is nothing my kids like more than breaking out the glue, paper, scissors, and a whole lot of imagination. We love to come up with new things to do and new ways to play. Buttons, paper, scissors, paint, cardboard, stencils, and beads. If it is colorful and makes a mess, my kids are sure to love it.

As much as I hate cleaning up the mess, I do love the crafts. I even love crafts that aren’t as kid friendly — stuff that I can create for family and friends that shows them that I love them and I cared enough to make something especially for them. Crafts give that personal touch — they show it came from the heart.

Here at THE DAILY DIGI we are going to help you find your crafty corner. But not only are we going to show you cool projects that you can do by yourself, with your friends, or with your kids, but we are ALSO going to show you how you can use your digital scrapbooking supplies to make the crafts! That’s right, now you can really live up to that mantra of yours, “Well, it’s really not that expensive since I can use it over and over again.”

So roll up your sleeves, pull out the scissors and the glue, and let’s get crafting!


Today we are going to show you a fun craft that is just in time for Valentine’s Treats. Leave that set of boxed cards on the Wal-Mart shelf and break out the digi scrapping materials instead! Today we are going to make some SWEET TREATS!


Check out these fun treats. Digi scrapping paper by Shabby Miss Jenn and Scrapkitchen Designs dresses up these sweet people complete with sucker/lollipop feet, hands, and head! They are super simple to make and super fun to eat!


suckers or lollipops (5 for each “person”)
Tape or glue (hot glue works great!)
Popsicle sticks (1 for each “person” and 1/2 for each “sign”)
Yarn/string for “hair”
Markers for making face
Digital scrapbooking papers
Clothing templates (included)

1. Download the template set HERE.


If you don’t know how to use templates yet, you can check out our section that explains them HERE. We also link you to some great tutorials!

2. After you download the templates, “dress up” as many people as you want to make. Feel free to alter the clothes and try new things. If you have always wished your favorite scrapbooking paper came in wearable fabric, here’s your chance ; ) Look at all the fun “clothes” I made:


2. After you have created your people in your photo editing program, print and cut out.

3. Attach one sucker/lollipop to the back of each arm and leg. If desired, cover the “head” with white paper and draw a face. Add hair if desired.

4. For added stability you can add a popsicle stick to the back of the “person.”


5. If desired, attach the sign to half a popsicle stick and then attach to one of the hands. You can write a note to a Valentine, tell a friend you care about them, or tell your hubby you think he is real sweet 🙂

6. Give as treats, party favors, decorations, or to anyone else you think needs a “sweet” treat.


A written instruction set is available with the download above.


Hope you enjoyed our first crafting corner. Get ready for LOTS more crafts!


P.S. What do you think all these letters could mean?


Hmmm…does this help ??