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Hybrid scrapbooking. You’ve probably heard the term before. I still giggle when I think of a few years ago when it was new and not “established” as an art in its own right. A person who did what we now call hybrid scrapbooking called themselves biscraptual 🙂 I think it was probably a good idea that someone stood up and gave the art form a proper name.

So, you might be asking yourself, “what exactly is hybrid scrapbooking and if I am a digital scrapbooker, why do I need to know about it?”

Simply put, hybrid scrapbooking combines digital techniques and/or product with traditional scrapbooking techniques and/or product. It is taking what you love about both forms of expression and merging them to create something totally new…and totally fun.

Both digi and paper scrappers alike are learning of all the fun that can be had in the hybrid world. Paper gals are learning to use Photoshop and us digi gals are dusting off those paper trimmers and mapquesting our way to the nearest local scrapbooking store. There is so much possibility and there is no “right” or “wrong” way to do it.

Just a quick browse around the digi world shows you that so many people have already started down hybrid road. Mini-albums, layouts, cards, gift boxes, treat toppers, altered paint cans and more. It is truly awe-inspiring. Check out some of these hybrid galleries:

The Lily Pad
Scrapbook Graphics
Little Dreamer Designs

And check out these stores that sell digital and/or traditional scrapbooking supplies specifically geared to help you in your quest to dive into hybrid:

Scrapbook Graphics
Scrap Orchard

Sweet Shoppe Designs
We Are Storytellers
The Shabby Shoppe
Prima Hybrid: HERE and HERE

Here at TDD we will be bringing you cool tips, products, and projects to help you in your hybrid scrapping. We’ll show you who is creating cool projects and products as well as where to get hybrid supplies. Whether you are creating hybrid layouts, creating mini-albums, or decorating your children’s rooms, TDD will be a place of inspiration and information on all things hybrid.


As we get into the world of hybrid scrapbooking, I know that you are going to be inspired. However, once you get inspired I want you to be able to actually act on that inspiration. That means you would be wise to invest in a few really important products as well as gather up some things from around the house that you probably already have.

Although there are no rules to say you have to own a certain product, there are definitely some tools that make the process easier (and in my world, easier always equals more fun!)

Here are our top ten hybrid items to have on hand…

1. Computer (I will safely assume that since you are reading this you already have that one covered 😉
2. A printer. You could work around this by having things uploaded and printed, but really, a printer by your side will be a time (and sanity!) saver.
3. A good paper trimmer. There are lots on the market…you can find one at your local craft store. When I was in Las Vegas last year for Memory Trends, I remember CD Muckosky saying that trimmers from this company were the best she had ever used. If using this paper trimmer makes me scrap like her, sign me up!

4. A Crop-A-Dile: Now, no one is going to tell you that you can’t do hybrid scrapping without this tool, but *I* wouldn’t want to do it! This thing sets eyelets and can punch holes through almost anything. Chipboard, CD’s, leather…you name it and the Crop-A-Dile can punch it. I love that you can set the depth gauge, too, ensuring that all your holes on various layers match up!


5. Adhesive: Xyron Cheetah adhesive runner lets you apply a wide strip of acid free, permanent adhesive quickly and easily to a variety of projects. Also, Steph says that Super Tape (1/4 inch or 1/8 inch) is great for adhereing ribbons, buttons, and flowers.

6. A really good pair of scissors (small pointy ones work great!)

7. Mod Podge: This is an all-in-one glue, sealer, and finisher and I use it on almost all my projects.

8. A corner rounder

9. Basic Grey Precision File Set (great for smoothing out edges on board books and chipboard albums)

10. Some other things that are good to have handy: needle and thread (and/or sewing machine), paintbrushes and foam brushes, a hole puncher (if you haven’t taken the plunge on the Crop-A-Dile yet), a stapler, and lots of creativity and imagination!

See, once you have a few simple supplies look at all the cool stuff you can make. Look at this gorgeous layout by Amy Martin (owner and designer at the Lilypad, Creating Keepsakes 2008 Hall of Famer, Memory Makers Master). Isn’t it just sweet?


Or this amazing album by hybrid artist Michello Filo


Geordie Girl over at My Scrapbook Art has a wonderful gallery filled of lots of hybrid cards and other projects including this cool card:


Or what about this amazing card by Rez (jstbkuz)?


Or my all-time favorite LO artist, CD Muckosky. Here is an “oldy but goodie” from her:


Inspired yet? Get ready to get your hands dirty and create some really cool projects. The Daily Digi will be here to get you inspired and ready to create!


P.S. Some people have been asking about blinkies for THE DAILY DIGI. Well, your wish is my command. Grab a blinkie and some flair HERE.