Printing Layouts

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***updated: you can read our recent layout printer reviews and our photobook printing reviews to find out who we prefer for printing now!***

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Where can I print?
Did you know that you can have 12×12 and 8.5×11 layouts (and everything in-between) printed photo quality and affordably too?? There are a couple of different ways to get your layouts printed. You can print at home, but typically home printers do not offer the same color fastness and longevity in print life as sending it out would. You can upload your layouts to a site that will print and then ship them right to your door. If you are a Sam’s or Costco Member and have one near you, you can upload your layouts and then pick them up an hour later. One of the really nice things about digital scrapbooking is that you can also have several layouts printed in a bound book. Different sites have different sizes, so you will need to check with each of the sites on the availability of the size you want to have printed.

If you are printing a size that is not standard on the site you are using, then there are steps you will need to take prior to uploading. For instance, My Pictails and Costco both have a 12×18 canvas. I (Steph) will often print one 12×12 and then two 6×6’s of the same layout on the 12×18 canvas. So, here’s what you do:
-make a new canvas that is 12×18 (at 300 dpi of course)
-open your 12×12 layout and drag it onto your blank canvas
-duplicate that layer
-resize the duplicate layer 50%
-duplicate the resized (6×6) layer
-position each layer on the canvas so they are not overlapping
-save as a new jpeg
-upload for printing

Wendy has some great actions that will do this for you and also adjust the size for bleed, here is the one for the 12×18 canvas.

For printing Janet loves to use:
Scrapbook Pictures

If you have one in your area and you are a member Steph uses:

One of the things that we each like about these sites, is the ability to upload our full-size layouts without having to print them. This becomes an off-site storage/back-up solution, which I (Steph) have been thankful for after my fair share of hardrive failures!

Other printing places
My Pic Tails

Mpix Photo

White House Custom Color (WHCC)

Another really fun way to get your layouts printed is to have them printed and bound in a book. There are several different companies to choose from for this option. Make sure you check their sites for information on bleed and sizing.
My Pic Tails
Mpix Photo

White House Custom Color (WHCC)


If you are working on calendars and want somewhere that you can print your own tops AND bottoms, we have heard good things about:
My Pic Tails
Mpix Photo