Frequently Asked Questions

Here’s our subscription FAQ

Here’s our affiliate FAQ


Q: I’m having a hard time unzipping my files I downloaded, what can I do?
A: This happens for various reasons, here is a great resource listing most of them and what you can do.  Usually, you just need to delete your files, empty your trash, temporarily disable your firewall, and download again.

Q: Can I purchase The Digi Files without a membership?
A: No, The Digi Files are only available through a membership/subscription.  Because the membership/subscription format has been so popular, there weren’t enough people purchasing The Digi Files through the store to make it worth everything necessary to have them there.  There is no obligation with a membership, you can cancel through PayPal at anytime and will not be charged the following month.

Q: Are there any fan blinkies or flair we can use?

A: Sure thing:



? Grab this Headline Animator


Q:Who are you and what is the site about?

A: Look HERE to find out about the people and vision behind the site


Q: What is digital scrapbooking and how do I get started?

A: Look HERE for lots of great information on just getting started.


Q: What are the DIGI FILES?

A: Read our explanation of what THE DIGI FILES are.


Q: Do you have spaces open for advertisers?

A: No, THE DAILY DIGI is a completely ad free site. We have no paid advertising of any kind.  I want to have the site content driven rather than advertisement driven.


Q: Can I contribute to THE DIGI FILES?

A: We do take applications and give priority to those that apply.  We look very carefully at samples sent and often buy additional products at random from applicants stores to take a closer look.  Any designer’s products that have jagged edges or stray pixels, will not be considered.  There are many designers that have beautiful papers, but the elements are not of the same quality, we are looking for the whole package.  You can read about how to apply and the process we go through in scheduling designers on our Looking For page.  Please note that it can take many months for a designer to hear from us.


Q: Can I purchase past DIGI FILES?

A: Our agreement with designers is that we can sell their products for one calendar month only.  After that month is over, they are free to put the products in their own stores at the full retail price.  Once products are removed from our shelves, they can’t come back, so be sure you to grab them while you can!

Q: Can I purchase the Playbook without The Digi Files?

A: No.  At this time, the only way to get the Playbook is with a purchase of The Digi Files.